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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Time to Enjoy My Husband

I'm thankful to for Time to Enjoy My Husband.

Everyone knows that I've always wanted to have children and start our family.  This seems to mean that because I want it so much, it won't come to pass for a long time.  Remember this post where I opened up about the subject.  It's been a struggle to be patient.  Through everything, months of disappointment, a miscarriage, and the time following, my husband has been a true constant light of love for me.

I truly am grateful to have my cute husband all to myself.  In fact, I almost made this month "Reasons Why I'm Thankful to Have Time With Husband."  There are so many things that we are able to do because we don't have little ones on our heels.  Traveling is certainly easier.  There's less to clean up.  I have sleep.  No interruptions.  My husband and I know each other and what we are like without crazy hormone levels or without kids stressing us out.

Even though I probably don't fully appreciate it now, I know someday when I have no time with my husband I'll be looking back on the days when all we had was time.  We're still thoroughly in love with each other and the newlywed phase has continued to linger.  How can I not love a man like Ty?  He's the most amazing, loving, and kind person I've ever known.

I'm thankful to have Time to Enjoy My Husband because when we have kids we won't have this time.

I'm thankful to have Time to Enjoy My Husband because he's the best person to spend time with.

What do you enjoy or miss about having extra time with your spouse?


  1. i miss the spontaneous outings...i mean now we have to find a sitter or take them along...and it sorta defeats the purpose of spontaneous ya know! I'm glad you love your hubby so much. aren't great hubby's the best! i think so!

  2. i miss having time to just sit around and joke with each other... it still happens but it's a little less frequent than before. and yes- going out with a baby is so much more challenging! husbands are the greatest though, i don't know what i'd do without mine!


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