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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Falling Behind

Wow! Well, I must say that I never intended to fall this far back, but yet it has happened. I have enjoyed reading everyone else's posts, but failed to bring my own news and variety to the table. Please forgive.

We've definitely kept busy....but mostly we've been lazy.

I know everyone is asking for an update on us moving and wanting to know the EXACT date. Well, I'll tell you.

I don't know.

We ARE moving by the end of the month.

And yes, I mean August.

We ARE in August now right? And by the way, which one of you let it get that far in the year?

I'm watching you.

August came waaaaay to quickly and we really have been so busy with family and all that, that we've been sorta neglecting our preparation-to-move duties.

Looking at classes, Ty decided that the best thing to do is start classes during the Winter Semester so he'll be able to take all of the classes he'll need to start with instead of just a few. He'll start work during the Fall, giving us the opportunity to actually pay for stuff. Hooray!

So, that's all we got so far.

Here are some pictures to show ya what we've been up to lately.

Our niece, Ellie Mae.
Sportin' Mom's shades.
Memorial Day...Grandpa Justesen.
My side of the equation.
His Familia.
Story: My family's kids were playing by the angel in the LDS section of the cemetery. Ty's grandpa, Amos, is buried close to it. My niece, Sammy, and nephew, Trevor, wandered into our gathering (both families there at the same time) and the other kids had these flags they were waving around.
Hmmm, so wonder what's in that tree up there? And, NO, I'm not looking to get a flag. Who, ME?
Ah Ha! My subtle attempts at looking uninterested worked!
Letting the wind take over.
Okay, this is the cutest picture ever. I'm not sure what exactly inspired the pose, but I'm glad it did.
Dodgen family BBQ after the cemetery.
Oh, the food to be had! ....I don't like things touching on my plate. Any other crazies like me?
Justesen family food time. Same day.
Trying to coax Papa into getting me give her my soda.
It was too COLD in the shade. Can you imagine that now? Consequently, they all got a little sunburned. :)
Pick up those jaws ladies. This one is taken. But go ahead, drool if you must. Are those eyes not the most intense and beautiful you've ever seen? Yeah, he's mine. It's okay, you can be jealous.
Anyone remember the day when the power went out in half of Moses Lake?
Wal-mart shoppers were devastated.
Notice the lights are NOT on and working. We very thankful for the wonderful officers we have to direct traffic in such a mad zone.
One day we had a picnic. And Ty slept.
His favorite past time. Any other gamers know what he's playing?
Nay-nay and B came to visit for a MONTH! We were so glad to see them.
Especially, Ellie.
Poor Hayden. He just couldn't run fast enough.....that and I think he wasn't too fond of the water.

Justesen Family Reunion.
The kids had fun in the not-quite-so-full pond.
The big boys enjoyed this game. Don't ask me......I can't remember what it's called.
These three just look mischevious.
Tell me that's not one of the CUTEST smiles you've ever seen in all of your life.
Cousin LOVE. I think this one will be devastated when she learns she can't marry him when they grow up. He gets that a lot.
My favorite part of the Justesen Clan get togethers......BREAKFAST!!!
Gary workin' that spatula like a pro.
See how the batter drizzles. Oh, be still my stomach.
(Sigh) Such a beautiful sight to behold.
The kids got groovy and made tie-dyed shirts.
Mandatory Pinnacle tournament.
I think Seth and Grady are contemplating their slip and slide options. Trust me guys, it was the childrens' size.
My brother, Steven, was appointed Auctioneer.
This is everyone's response.....
Really, we had fun doing this. :) We raised almost $500 for next year's reunion.

Robbins Reunion.
This is where I slacked quite a bit on taking pictures. Cheryl and Rex, I hope to get some from you soon. :)

This is my hair after two consectutive days of swimming and boating. And no make up. I feel so exposed.
We went to Time-Out Pizza in Othello and poor Hayden got a good bump in the head when he ran into a corner. :( Although, he is smiling in this picture. :)
Hailey singing in our family talent show.
Papa Robbins singing and playing the Gee-tar.
We did a lot of chatting and enjoying each others company.
But we had a lot of activies so we were tired too.
I'll end with this one. Our ladies luncheon. Aren't these ladies gorgeous!? I have A LOT of work to do to live up to the beauty these women possess.
Okay, folks.

That's it.

You've been updated.

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