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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Anna is 3 Months

      My baby is constantly getting bigger and it's out of control.  I love it though.  I love seeing what new things she can do and discover.  I'm getting a little bit better at getting things done, though I'm sure it will still be a struggle as long as I have kids in our home.  Ty and I decided to start trying to lose weight together and I'm loving having a buddy in that area.  After giving birth and losing that weight I started gaining again and all too swiftly for my liking so I'm taking action.  Really the best part of it all is that now we're eating normal meals at a fairly decent time.  My husband is much pleased.  We both have already lost weight and it's very motivating.  I love weigh-in days that are positive!  Well, know what I mean.  :)

Some things we are loving about Anna right now.

-  Her smile.  I just look at her and say "Hi" and she flashes a huge open mouthed, toothless grin and squints her eyes happily.  This will cause me to continually repeat the salutation multiple times without fear of sounding repetitious. 

-  She started laughing and it's infectious.  Daddy can get her to laugh the best though.  He has his magic ways.  For me she'll laugh when I make her clap her hands.  She goes into giggle fits and it's hilarious. 

-  She rolled over for the first time on Mother's Day from her back to her tummy and stayed there for a little while, then rolled to her back.  I was so excited!  She's done it a few other times since then, but I'm trying to remember she does it when she's ready.  She does roll to her side a lot and looks like she's attempting to go all the way, but can quite make it. 

-  Baby talk is adorable.  I love it when she has conversations with me or her little toys.  Her new best friend is a bumble bee with a ginormous body that hangs in her play gym.

-  Since my last post she hasn't had one single  open air leak during a diaper change!!!  We are so pleased with this.

-  Thumb sucking has become her new norm and coping mechanism.  I'm not sure how I feel about this.  Somewhat torn to be honest.   I give her the pacifier, but it doesn't stay in for long and she quickly resorts to finding other means.  The most often used is her thumb.  Considering how quickly she falls asleep when she finally comes into contact with it I'm willing to let it slide, but I'm trying to figure out how to break her of the habit.  As a former serial offender of thumb sucking myself, I know this can be quit difficult.  But I must say, it's pretty adorable when she does it, too.

-  When she's in her bouncer or her swing, she tries to sit up.  It really looks like she is trying to do a variation of a sit-up.  The look of effort on her face as she lifts up both her legs and her head is priceless.  No matter how many times she is unable to do it, she tries, tries again.

-  She gets really riled up and starts kicking and throwing her arms around.  I'm not sure if she's excited or just gets herself worked up.  Either way, it's adorable. 

Some things we aren't loving so much right now.

-  My poor little darling has had nothing but skin problem since she was born.  First the baby acne, then horrific cradle cap.  Now baby eczema.  She has more than likely inherited dry skin from her daddy, so I shouldn't have been surprised that this should show up, but seriously can't catch a break here. 

-  Scratching her face continues and I HATE it.  I really have to remember to trim her nails regularly or her poor little noggin' gets cut up.  Even when I think I've trimmed down as far as they'll go, they still can do some damage.  

-  Throw up....'nough said.  

      I'm a typical American and I love to call Anna by nick names I've assigned her as terms of endearment.  The ones I use most:  Baby, Miss Moo, Punkin, and we still love to call her Squeaker.  

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