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Sunday, November 7, 2010

“Spiritual strength frequently comes through selfless service.” Thomas S. Monson

Today, I'm thankful for Service.

I'm not talking about cellphone service or customer service.

I mean the acts of kindness that people have bestowed upon our family when we truly have needed it.

Remember when we moved?  We were pretty worried that that no one would come.  We had made the decision so quickly and there wasn't a lot of notice given to our ward.  Luckily, our bishop at them time came to our rescue and recruited as many as he could get ahold of.  We'll forever sing his praises.
It never ceases to amaze Ty and I just how truly blessed we have been by the Service of those we come in contact with.

I hope that we can, in return, share that gift with others that we see are in need or are prompted to help.

Service knows no bounds, race, age, or situation in life.

I'm thankful for the Service that so many have given to our family.

I'm thankful for the Service our immediate families have provided us with.  I really don't know how most people get through a move without them and their trucks and trailers.

I'm thankful for the Service Ty gives me on a constant basis.  As if marrying me wasn't enough, he actually goes out of his way to love me and shows that to me by helping me in our home.
I sure do love him!

What's the greatest service someone has given to you?

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