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Thursday, November 4, 2010

“The entire Earth would be in bake mode.” William Bottke

I'm thankful for baking.

Some (okay, most) of my favorite things to eat are baked items.
I can get pretty excited to eat them.  Why, I just recently baked Robbins Cookies (YUM!) and Pizza crust.  Today, I'm made my first ever Apple Pie and it ended up upside-down, but it will fantastic!

 This is what it's supposed to look like.  Don't judge me.  At least I still get yummy pie.
(Click on picture to take you to recipe.  NOTE:  I'm not using pecans, cuz hubby and I think they are yucky.)

 Baking is sort of relaxing for me.  Sometimes, however, I get really crazy ideas and go nuts and bake the Cake To Rule Them All for my husband's birthday and I'm not so relaxed.

You'd think that after that I'd be done, but enough time has past that I've digressed back to the blissfully naive thing I was before baking this cake and plan to do it again for MY birthday.  Only I'm going to try it with hazelnut butter instead of peanut butter.  Who's with me?!  Anybody?  Hello.......?

I'm pretty sure my cute husband likes when I bake too.  We could probably do without the repercussions it takes on our weight and body image, but that's okay because it's still YUMMY!  Sound logic, huh?

Now that it's the Holiday Season, I'm hoping to get quite a bit baking done.  Which probably means I'll need to get a lot of exercising done as well.  So every time I eat a piece of a pie, I'll be standing while I do it.  I try to lead a balanced life.

What is your favorite thing(s) to bake?

I love making Lebkuchen (or "affectionately" known by cute husband as La-poofy) with my mom at Christmas time.  YUM!

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