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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter Everyone!

I love this holiday. When I was younger it was all about a bunny giving me some serious amounts of chocolate. As I would eat the deliciously sinful replica of said bunny, I don't think I gave much thought to the actualy meaning behind the holiday. Not until I got older and began to understand it fully. I remember one Easter in particular that was on a Fast Sunday.

For those of you who don't know what Fast Sunday is, it is (generally) the first Sunday in a month where, as members of our church, we fast for one day. Most of the time people will start the day before so they can come home from church to a lovely smelling Sunday dinner. When we fast we fast with a purpose. Whether it be guidance, or recieving an answer. We fast for the sick and afflicted. We fast for peace of mind and to recieve the Spirit.

Well, on this particular Easter Sunday, I was ready to delve into my much desired basket. I was younger than eight and so was not yet consider a member of the church because I had not been baptized. So, fasting wasn't something I come to do yet. However, as I was getting ready to reach into my basket, I noticed my older brother holding his basket, but hardly paying attention to it. I asked him why he wasn't eating anything. He then told me that he was fasting and couldn't have any until after. This answer struck me and he was so steadfast in this decision that I decided to do the same and save my savory treats until later.
I'm so grateful for that example. Since then I have not only learned the importance and gift of fasting, but also the real reason for celebrating Easter.

Even so the Easter Bunny did make a visit at our home this morning.I still feel the love and peace that comes from knowing my Savior lives.

I know that He loves me, as well as all of us. He is my brother and friend.
Remember Him always, for He never forgets you.
Keep Him close, for He is always on your side.
Celebrate His LIFE, for through it we become closer to our Father in Heaven.
Because of Him we have repentance. Because of Him we have life after death. Because Him we have all things.
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