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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Catching Up....

So, I'm beginning to see my problem. Whenever, I think I might post something new I get on, but instead of just plunging into a post....I go and check out what everyone else has been up to. Not a very effective tactic in getting the job done, needless to say. This time I thought, however, that I would reverse the order that I normally carry out, and post something first.

To be perfectly honest, the main reason that I have posted anything is because well not really anything has happened. But that won't halt me from describing a bit about this month or so.

At the end of the year at work, if we've done well (meeting certain percentages and what not), we are granted a "Staff Retreat". Nothing work related, no seminars or classes. Just some good 'ol fashioned fun. A bonding time, if you will, for those on staff. This year, my boss decided on a trip to Leavenworth along with the experience of White Water Rafting. I was thrilled. There had been talk of another ski trip or something of the like, but skiing was never a talent that poked its little way into my being. Now White Water Rafting, though I'd only done it once, thoroughly enjoyed it.

We started out by getting our gear and waiting (what seemed like a good amount of time to make someone want to forget about the whole thing all together) for the buses to be ready. And then we were off! Our guide was (by far) the oldest of the all the guides, but then also the most experienced. He did his best to keep us all entertained during the anti-climatic points by telling all sorts of lame jokes, but it was somewhat endearing. When we came upon the more intensified areas, he knew exactly where to go and what to do to ensure not only our safety, but an insanely good time as well. At our stopping point, we were allowed to change, which for me was a bit interesting. The area they allotted for the changing was a small building that was all open (no changing rooms). It's not that I mind changing in front of woman. I was in dance for a good many years and did this at every competition, performance, and recital. However, since becoming a newly endowed member of the was a bit awkward. So, I decided to make my way to the porta-potty (which was disgusting!!!!!) and changed there. Also, not an easy task. After we changed, the rafting company we were with gave us a nice little BBQ, while playing a slide show of pictures taken along our little excursion.

Here's a few pictures of us at the BBQ.

Our little group.
From left to right:
Deanna, Doc, Me, Daniele, and Sonya (Doc's wife)

The area they served us in.

Overall we had a really fun trip.

Next was 4th of July weekend, which I have no pictures of.....but it was awesome! We went to Blanchard, ID and stayed at a resort called Stoneridge, where Ty's parents have a timeshare. Ty and I started our trip Thursday night and stayed with his parents in Othello. The next day we caravaned to Spokane, where we met up with Chad and Danielle at the Northtown mall for some good eats and a little shopping. We were a little too tired to go anywhere for fireworks, so we comfortably settled for watching some on TV.

The resort itself was pretty cool. It's surrounded by a HUGE golf course. And on the premises it contains a mini-golf area, tennis courts, a BBQ area, and a Rec. Center. In the Rec. Center you can be sure to find a Walleyball court (we played a game and I found it to be quite violent and I had the bruises to prove it), two Racquetball courts, a swimming pool, a hot tub, a sauna, an arcade, a exercise room, and of course a restaurant. By now, I'm sure you're figuring out that we had a good time. The last day we were there was Ty's birthday and we celebrated with one of his favorite desserts, Mud Pie (the way his mom so cleverly makes it).

After that weekend, though, is when our lives kinda went into sleep mode and nothing exciting has really happened. I could talk about the Pioneer Day celebration that our Stake put on, but I was so irritated at how unorganized it was. Not to mention the hour long wait we spent in line, trying to get something edible into our ever-growing-in-hunger stomachs. But I won't.

My dad's company sponsored a party at the Aquatic Center and that was exciting.

My poor dad. He forgot all his BBQing utensils and was turning the "dogs" by hand. What trooper! We felt bad and went and bought him some tongs, so he would get first degree burns. Luckily, the coolers that had the soda in them were filled with ice and water, so he could stick his hands in them, if needed. And trust me, he needed!

Jenny and our little Sammy loungin' in the lazy river. How can you resist this cute face? Sammy's pretty dang cute too!

Lastly, on the list, we are searching for either another duplex or a house, depending on what's available in our price range. We talked with our Realtor and have quite a few options that we'll be looking into. It's kind of exciting. I've never been apart of this process before, so it's fun to look at places that could potentially be ours and I can have a little more room for decoration, since we'll be working from a blank page. I'll keep you updated on that. (Hopefully).

Okay, that about wraps it up. I really didn't do much, I just like to go into lots of detail with my writing. Hehe. I hope all is well for all of you!
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