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Friday, November 19, 2010

Big Kitchen

I'm thankful for our BIG Kitchen.

I say it's Big because of the size of the one in our last apartment.  The lack of counter space was not my favorite feature.  However, I now know that I can operate in such a small space.  Though, I think I'll stick with this guy.  I'm still wanting to add a little bit of light.  The two lights that are in there are really only illuminating one side.  I'm thinking of getting some rope lights and putting them on top of the cupboards.  What do you think?

Having such a small Kitchen before has really helped me to appreciate having so much more space.  I love having the work space.  The little "peninsula" is my favorite area.  Since, right now, it's just Ty and I, we tend to eat there a lot.  Creating a buffet style meal is certainly MUCH easier.  

I'm thankful for my Big Kitchen because of the space.

I'm thankful for my Big Kitchen because of how it allows me to make yummy foods.  (Not that the small one didn't.  Just sayin' a kitchen does that.)

I'm thankful to have a wonderful Big Kitchen because I know I don't have to go without.

What do you like most about your Kitchen?


  1. Wow! That's a sweet kitchen! I love it! We still have a pretty small kitchen, but I think my fave part is the window that looks out at some trees.

  2. Wow what a nice kitchen. The cupboards are cute in my opinion too. Your home looks like you have a ton of space. How nice. I saw Sister Webber (Tiffany Sereal's mom) sorry I'm sure I spelled her name right and she said you are in her ward which was my old one. Crazy.


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