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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bringing you up to speed

Okay, so it's been awhile and a lot has happened in the last few months. I have sooooo many pictures. So, let's get started.

Back in August I was driving my mom's car back to their house and the roads were being redone and had gravel on most of them. Some moron decided to not make a full stop at a stop sign and I swerved to miss it. Oh, I swerved alright. This is where me and the car ended up.

There was NO way I was getting out through that door. So I end up like this and the jerk stops long enough to see me stop and drives off. Nice, huh? Luckily, I was just fine. Startled, but fine. A couple of different ladies stopped and helped me out. Good to know we have some Good Samaritans left in the world.

My Dad and brother thought they could pull it out, but eventually a tow truck was called. Good thing too, because they might have rolled it. Surprising it didn't in the first place.

The mark I left in the world.

My friend Amanda got married and I did her hair and makeup. Isn't she pretty?

Check out that kiss!

The whole wedding party.

Da boys.

The beautiful ladies.

Civil Ceremony.

Mmmmm. Foooooood!

Doesn't that cake look like they took it straight from the gates of heaven!?

These next set of pictures have absolutely nothing to do with anything. We spent the night at my brother's place when we went to see Fiddler on the Roof (don't worry, there are pictures coming). Sammy and I were eating ice cream together and well, things were a bit messy, but so dang cute!

We also got to meet Baby Jacob. He's a big boy and so gol' durn cute.
So, like I said, we went to Fiddler!!!!!!!!!! Other than Phantom of the Opera, this is the only Broadway show I've ever truly wanted to see in person. And since this was Topol's (the guy from the movie) last performance tour, I figured we absolutely HAD to go. Did you know he's been playing the part of Teviar for over 40 years!? He was incredible!

We also had GREAT seats.

This is how close we were to the stage.

That's Topol in the very middle of everyone during the last bit of the show.

It's a horrible picture, but you can definitely tell it's him!

Final bow. How I would lurrrve to be on that stage after the curtain is pulled back. The energy, the excitement, the adrenaline. And the pure joy to know that you were apart of something remarkable and memorable.

It took longer than we hoped to get a move on and get out of Moses Lake. However, we did end up getting really lucky (really I should say incredibly blessed) to find someone to move into our side of the duplex. This also meant that we needed to get out of there and find a place to dwell. Ty's parents have been amazing enough to let us stay with them until our housing sitchy-ation becomes more clear.

Meanwhile, Ty got a job!!!!

He's working for a Medical Software company called PracticeOne.The create paperless patient health records for health practitioners. Ty's job title is Tech Support Analyst. Sounds savvy, no? So, in more understandable terms he helps fix the problems the doctors have with the program.

Since, we are living in Othello and his job is in Richland, Ty takes an hour long drive both ways. He's more than ready to find a place in Tri-cities.

Until then, we've been able to find some fun things to do.

Like the time I dyed Ty's hair.....he asked for it....literally.

This isn't the best shot to see it, but you can tell it's darker. Haha. This would also be Ty's greatest treasure in life (other than me...and his transformers....and his Nintendo...and, well I'll just stop there).

When we first got to my in-law's home, Ty went straight to work (after dinner) setting up both computers. That's right. There's two. The one above and the one he set up to the TV.

Not long after we made the move, we headed out on a trip to Utah to see Brandon, Nathan and Celia, and brand new Baby Eliza.

We sorta packed a lot.

Longest Road EVER! Pretty much nothing to look at for a loooooong stretch.

This was pretty though.

It's a good thing we had the laptop playing movies to keep us busy.

Yay for mountains! We FINALLY made it to Utah!

Where they have so many members of the church that they put church buildings next to each other. You can't see the other one very well, but you can see the roof above the red car. How crazy is that?!

We got to see Brandon perform at a cafe. He was definitely the best one there.

We ate here one night, to the pleasure of my Father-in-law, Rex. He served his mission in Chile and was anxious to have the food again.

It definitely didn't disappoint. Yummy!

Aren't these three cheek-pinchin'-cute?

Rex got to chat up the couple that owns the restaurant. It was great to see him interact with them. It was almost as good as seeing him decide on what to eat. Like a kid in a candy store.

We found out that when we were planning on being in Utah, Chump would be doing a reunion show. They were one of Ty's favorite bands when he lived in Provo. They were great and it was fun to go to the show.

And I have honestly, never seen my husband like that before. I kept wondering who took off with my husband and replaced him with this incredible look a like that was dancing.

I considered keeping him. :)

They brought their kids up for one song, "Chicken Butt". I still laugh just thinking about it. :)

Ty took me on a romantic, scenic drive through Provo Canyon. The colors took my breathe away with how lovely they were.

He took me up through the canyon, to Squaw Peak, also known to many Provoians as "Make-out Point". Trust me, by the time we got through all the squiggly roads, I had ZERO plans for making out! The view was incredible though....both of them. ;)

Here's Miss Eliza. Look at how long those fingers are! And isn't she a beauty?

We definitely love this new addition to the Robbins family.

As for now, Ty is in Las Vegas on a business trip and comes home extremely late tonight. I'm pretty anxious for him to be here. Three nights without him is more than I'd like to do again.

Halloween approaches and I'm readying myself by watching movies and planning a day of delicious food....and candy.

Whew! That was exhausting. But I hope you enjoyed the update.

Until next time (hopefully sooner than later :) )....
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