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Saturday, November 13, 2010

“We believe that electricity exists, because the electric company keeps sending us bills for it, but we cannot figure out how it travels inside wires.” Dave Barry

I'm thankful for Electricity.

Let me explain.

Last night the power went out on our block and possibly several others.  At first it was no big deal because it was still light outside and we weren't using anything that was required to be plug in.  However, the daylight was swiftly fading away and I remembered that we didn't have any emergency candles.  Also, dinner time was quickly approaching and my stomach was letting me know it.  There was no way we would have been able to make anything for dinner, so we headed out for some candles and take out.

When we got back home we had a lovely candlelight dinner.  Just before we finished the power came back on.  Huzzah!  Don't get me wrong.  We could have sat around and played a gamed in the very dim light and had lots of fun.  However, we are a product of our generation and rely on many electronic devices for our entertainment.  It would have been especially tragic if the refrigerator and freezer failed to work for a long period of time.

I'm thankful for Electricity because it allows me to watch TV, use a computer, cellphone, store food inside, drive to places, not be cold or hot if I don't want to, and see a lot better in the dark.

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