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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Anna turns 18 Months!

      I can't believe how fast the time has gone.  And it seems like her first birthday was forever ago at the same time.  It's amazing how fast kids grow.  We just love her.  The last few months have been crazy with the move and adjusting to Utah life.  Anna has done really well though and never ceases to amaze us with how she progresses.  I keep having to remind myself that she really isn't a baby anymore.  She's a toddler through and through and becoming more of a little girl every day.  I know we shouldn't compare her to other kids, but seriously, she's kind of a genius.  She will constantly impress us and others with how well she talks and how intelligent she is.

Let me give you a few examples:

- She repeats EVERYTHING we say.  And really well.  She articulates her words so clearly.  It's pretty easy to understand what she says.

- She knows her basic shapes.  Square, Triangle, Star, Circle, and Hexagon.  She pronounces them all pretty well, but she does say circle more like, "Erkel" and it's hard not think she's referring to the Family Matter character.  She also doesn't pronounce the "g" in triangle, but who cares.  We have a little bucket with a lid that has holes for the square, triangle, circle, and star and she has figured out which one goes in which hole.

- She counts to 13.  No joke.  Most of the time, she does seem to skip 5-7 for some reason, but she's getting the hang of it.  Every once in awhile she'll throw out 18 and 19.  I have no doubt she'll be counting to at least 20 by the time she turns two. Update!! She now counts to 20! Talk about impressive.

- Since she was an infant we have been singing Primary songs, a few nursery rhymes, and the ABC's to her.  Recently, she started singing herself and we were shocked to realize that she knew all the words to Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star and can sing it pretty well.  She's pretty good at ABC's, but still needs a little work on some of the letters.  That doesn't stop her from trying to sing it on her own.  My favorite part of her singing that song is when she sings "Now I know my ABC's, next time won't you sing with me." Adorable.  Most of the time when we sing Primary songs she'll just come in at the last word or so of the line, but she always knows what the word will be and is good about singing the tune.  Update!! Her new favorite song to sing is Old McDonald Had a Farm.  It's adorable!

- She's doing pretty good with her colors and can say them very well, but we are still working on associating the color with the word.  Update!! She now knows which color is which.  So impressive how quickly she learns.

- She knows so many different animals and does the sounds so well.  My favorite is her impression of the gorilla. Ty's work is hosting a day at the zoo and I'm excited to take Anna to see all the animals she sees in her books, up close.  She loved seeing the animals at Thanksgiving Pointe.  Especially the cow who was mooing nonstop like she was irritated or something.

- The list of words she says is too long and I really couldn't keep track.  Her vocabulary is really extensive that if she starts whining (Hooray for Toddlerhood!) we tell her to use her words to tell us what she needs.  This doesn't mean that she still doesn't have toddler jibber jabber, but she definitely throws a lot of understandable English around too.

      It's really hard to not think that this girl is a genius.  I'm betting she'll be headed to college by 13.  Sometimes, she says a word and I'll ask Ty if he taught it to her and he'll say no and thought that I did.  It's amazing what she latches onto in passing.  Though I do have to admit that I very pro Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  She LOVES that show and Mickey (she calls him Mo Mo or Ickey, I have no idea why) and I love that it will teach her good things and keep her occupied while I finish up chores. 

Just some fun things about Anna that we are enjoying right now:

- Still has such a great temperament.  She's, overall, a really happy girl.

- LOVES to laugh and to make other people laugh.  I think her favorite activity is laughing matches that she starts with people.  Once you get her going and she thinks you have a funny laugh, it will go back and forth for awhile.  She's trapped many unsuspecting victims into this fun trap.

- Best. Teether. Ever. Not a peep.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Just more teeth that happen to be growing inside of her mouth.  No big deal.  May the Lord see fit to bless me with children who are all this good with teething.  Amen.

- She is way too tall for my own good.  She can reach the top of the counter now and will start grabbing things off of it.  I do not enjoy this, but I suppose I have to adjust.

- She loves to build and destroy towers with her cardboard blocks. Lately, she'll start yelling, "TOWER! TOWER!", if she wants to get started. 

- She's started taking an interest in Potty time and we're planning on getting a little one for her to start getting used to the idea for herself.  I'm definitely looking forward to not changing diapers anymore.

- One of the things she started to say is, "Oooooh, cute." I'm sure it's a mimic of us saying it, but when she says it it's so much more adorable and it makes us both happy every time.

- Check out her lovely little locks! I love how much they've grown and how curly they are.  I hope those curls stick around forever. They're too darling.

- She loves the new Goldfish Mac & Cheese.  She devours it. I was actually really surprised, though maybe I shouldn't have been.  She loves her regular Goldfish and will snack on them as often as she can.

- Eating is getting a bit easier, though she's still unfailingly picky.  She does like potatoes in any fried form, but no other.  Apples, pears, grapes.  Goldfish, as previously mentioned, but not real cheese. Corn, on the cob, off the cob, or popped.  Most breads. Chicken nuggets, but not any other kind of meat.  Really anything green is completely out of the question.  She has tried, but just doesn't care for it.  Yogurt is a staple and, of course, milk.

- Her kisses are the best.  She'll give you one and then say, "Muah!" I love that she's becoming more free with them for us.  She's also starting to cuddle more and I just love it.

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