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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Anna turns 12 months!

      Obviously, this post is incredibly belated.  Two months in fact.  Whoops! Things have been somewhat crazy around here and that deserve a separate post all on its own...later.

       I'm so glad her first birthday landed on a Saturday.  We bought her two glitter wands (a small and a large one) as gifts, but we knew that the best gift to give her at this age was a day revolving around doing things that she really enjoyed.  Basically, spending time with her and playing with her.  We decided that we would try to include both sets of grandparents in her birthday cake experience and were able to set up each of them on Skype.  It was fun and we're glad they were all "there" with us. I made vanilla mini cupcakes with Nutella frosting and they were DELICIOUS!  I had so many left over that I was trying to give as many away as possible.

        For dinner we went to IHOP, after taking a small detour to Fred Meyer for a little clearance shopping.  She did really good at dinner.  Especially since the waitress kept coming by and trying to pinch her cheeks and staring at her.  Seriously, it was a little weird.  After a long and busy day, she went straight to bed when we got home.  Leaving us to ponder what a beautiful and amazing daughter we have.  We really have been so lucky to not have any major trials with raising her.  She's just so good and there's no way anyone couldn't love her. 

Some things we are loving about Anna:

- She is so funny!  She constantly laughs are seemingly nothing, except baby herself.  In which case, she has the best sense of humor.  

- To tie in with that, her smile and laugh will always make us happy and laugh.  She loves to mimic us when we laugh.  It's fun to hear her version.

- She is incredibly smart! She says, "Hi", which I think was her official first word, and while feeding her Cheerios she said "Please".  Well, "pees", but you know she's only one, so that's pretty good. Recognizing things is also a skill she developed.  

- Speaking of which, whenever we turn the satellite to the music channels she knows what's going on and immediately starts dancing.  :) She LOVES to dance.  She mostly walks around and flaps her hands, but I like it.  She also loves it, when we pick her up and dance with her.  She gets a big kick out of it.

- Still not a veggie lover, but she is getting better at eating.  She loves yogurt and she likes to accept more "big people" food.  Breads, really anything that's a carb, works for her.  She loves muffins! On her birthday she had her first cupcake and she did really good with it.  

Some things we aren't loving so much:

- Unless you give her something to distract her before laying her down to change her diaper, she will fight and cry before laying still.  It's incredibly frustrating, but she's very active and wants to be everywhere.  And HATES to be strapped or held down.  

- Everything goes in this girl's mouth.  I really have to be conscience of what's on the floor or within her reach.  She's sneaky and I don't like it. 

- The Rash.  It comes in flares.  Sometimes it does really good and sometimes it comes back.  Though I do have to say that it's much better than the worst it's ever been.  We've made leaps and bounds comparably.  However, I've resigned myself to the belief that unless something drastic changes, we are going to have to constantly be lotioning her back, neck, shoulders, and feet for her entire life.  Because that what parents do.  We do what we have to for our kids well-being.  

- The perimeter we set up was starting to become an issue and she's not loving the little space she's allotted.  I, however, need the space.

Look how much she's grown!!!!
 She doesn't even look like the same chubby, swollen baby I gave birth to a year ago.  She has so much fun personality and we are constantly seeing her develop that more and more everyday. 

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