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Saturday, January 8, 2011

Christmas 2010 Recap

    Hello my lovely friends!  I kinda fell off the wagon after November.  Christmas was AWESOME and crazy all at the same time.  There really isn't too many great pictures to show you since I didn't do great at taking too many and all the ones I'm in I hate.

    Summary Version:  We went to my parents house and spent Christmas Eve through Sunday with them.  My mommy made the yummy German Christmas dinner that I long for every year and we devoured it.  We went around and talked about our favorite Christmases so far.  My brother Steven and his family stayed in Seattle, so we skyped with them as they were taunting us with delicious Black Forest cake my sister-in-law made.  Next was the White Elephant gift exchange.  After I we made sure the no conspiring rule would be followed (Mom), there was a surprising lack of stealing gifts.  Not that it stopped anyone.  (Shannon, I'm still jealous!!!) 

    Christmas morning was quiet with just my parents, Ty and I, and my youngest brother Michael.  I got Ty (us) a Wii system with Mario Kart.  It's been very fun.  We got my parents a hot cocoa maker and it was put to good use.  That night we had Christmas dinner with Ty's family and played Pit.  **WARNING:  This game will induce shouting and loud laughter.  Avoid playing with small, sleeping children nearby.**  Sunday, we went to church with my parents and afterward enjoyed more family time with the Justesen White Elephant where gifts of food were exchanged.  I opted out, not that it did much good with all the goodies that were still looming about.

    Monday, we went to Ma & Pa Robbins house and stayed the night and spent time with them before they left to go to Oregon.  Last minute, literally, on Tuesday we decided to go with them.  So we spent a few days in West Linn and Portland visiting with Ty's brother, Dustin, and his family.  Thanks for letting us tag along!  We came back New Year's Eve and celebrated with Papa Murphy's pizza, Men in Black, and playing the Wii.  A pretty great way to end the year if you ask me.

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