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Friday, May 31, 2013

Anna's First Trip to a Hospital

      On the 19th we went over to some family's house for dinner (Ty's cousin Darcy and her family).  We had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with everyone.  When we left we noticed there were these hives (we called them welts because we had no idea what they were at the time) on the back of her neck.  After we said goodbyes and started putting her in the car we noticed one under her left eye.  I looked back at her while we were driving after a few minutes and it was getting puffier and there were more popping up on her face and head.  I kept watching her and she was continuing to get worse.  Fast.  I couldn't help, but panic.  By the time we got back to our condo, she didn't even look like herself anymore.  We decided to head straight to the Emergency Room.  Luckily, her breathing was just fine, but the swelling and puffiness was progressing to quickly for us to not worry.

       It was funny to think that this was her very first time being in a hospital since she was born at home.  She was admitted right away and after talking with us and deciding the best course of action they treated her for an allergic reaction.  To what, we still don't know.  She didn't have anything that she's never come in contact before.  So for now it's a mystery.  When we disrobed her we were surprised to see that she was red all over and that the hives were on her legs and feet as well.  They gave her an Epinephrine shot, which was NOT happy about, and some benadryl.  She showed improvement immediately, but wanted to keep her for a couple of hours for observation.  They were all so kind and had a bunch of toys for her to play with and keep her occupied with.  She really was amazing and only further proved what an amazing child she is.

      It was after 10PM, and well after Anna's typical bedtime, before we were able to finally go home.  They referred us to an allergist and sent us home with prescriptions for a steroid as a preventative and a children's epi pen just in case something like this were to happy again.  This also included instruction to come back to the hospital if the epi pen needed to be used.  The next morning, after a good night's sleep, she was back to normal.  We gave her a dose of the steroids, but it only seemed to make her feel "slow".  Ty and I decided that she would be fine and we haven't noticed any issues since.  I'm just glad my little lady is okay.
 The Before and After

Change Is In The Air

      So much has been going on going on in the last few months that I hardly feel like I can keep up. I'll try and catch you up to our crazy life so far. Back towards the end of last year, Ty applied for a job within the same company he works for as Software Tester. We hadn't heard anything, and then the company said that they were doing a hiring freeze until after the New Year. Then, in January, Ty was told he was getting an interview for the position. We were excited for this new possibility, but also were aware that it would definitely mean a move to Utah. I have NEVER been one to flirt with the idea of living in Utah, but something in me changed and I became more open to it, to Ty's complete shock. Before the interview, I decided to do some house hunting online to see what was available within our estimated price range. Because of so many short sales, we were finding an abundance of options. This obviously made me more excited and when I thought about moving to Utah, I felt that was the right thing to do....regardless of the job. I told Ty this and he questioned whether it was because I really felt like we should go or if it was because of a greater possibility of getting a house. It was a valid question and I really wanted to have a valid answer. The next day, which happened to be Sunday, I took some time to pray about it asking if it was really the right thing to do or if it was just because I was excited about the possibilities. I struggle with always having something to think about, but I did my best to clear my head. As I did, the thought came to me, "Go and make a new life there." This happened several times with me making sure it wasn't just my own thoughts floating in there. I'm a simple person, so to me I had my answer. However, if it weren't clear enough, that day in Sunday School the lesson was about "Receiving Inspiration and Recognizing the Spirit". I almost wanted to laugh and to burst throughout the entire lesson. I kept thinking, "Tell Ty, I'm good to go." Especially, after the experiences shared were all to do with moving. Seriously?!
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      Ty took a little more "convincing", but after some serious thought and pondering, we were both on board with moving to Utah. This only came after Ty's interview, which was very informative, but we both felt it wasn't right for him. Right away, we started looking for places to live. We knew that a house would be amazing, but it would need to be shelved for awhile until we saved up enough. So, we looked at renting and it was a bit of a struggle since everything was at least a year lease. Once we opened that up as an option we were able to find a lot more. We had our top two places and sadly, the first one fell through. The second was the condo we are now in and it all worked out amazingly. We had found it online and it was definitely at the top of our price range, but when I checked back later they dropped the price by $51! I was so excited and wasn't about to let this one get away. By the end of the first Saturday in April we signed on it and began preparation to move. It was a lot of exhausting hours spent packing and managing it all around Anna's schedule. The day we moved was a little bit of a nightmare. There was still plenty that needed to be packed up and I woke up with an anxiety attack after little sleep. Then, had another one later while packing. Needless to say, it was very stressful day. Once it was all done I felt immensely better. We decided to drive through the night and hope that Anna would sleep all the way through. She did fairly well, but woke up more times than I can count and was up for the day earlier than we would have liked. Poor girl was exhausted by the time we made it.
 "Look Mommy! I'm totally helping you pack and not making a bigger mess." :)
 I ain't too ashamed to say that this is what helped me pack while she was awake.
 We stopped in Tremonton for the morning to stop for bathroom break and gas.  The truck ended up having an issue and stopped at the stop sign of the exit and the trailer had a flat tire.  This little girl was exhausted, but still a happy camper.
 Apparently, the set up I had in the hamper wasn't right, so she had to reorganize it.
      Our new ward was amazing with helping us unpack and we were able to get it all unloaded in an hour and a half. Booyah! We are extremely grateful to everyone who came to help us out. Now everything is mostly unpacked, except for some wall decor and a few other things that will have to wait for a bit. We're in a third floor condo which has it's pros and cons, but overall we're glad to be here. Ty has really been enjoying work since we moved. Going in to the office, as opposed to working from home has made an incredible difference for him. It's definitely a shift in our lives. Particularly, for me and Anna. Since we only have one care, she and I are pretty much hanging out at home all day. Though, now that it's warmer we will definitely be making trips to the the club pool and taking some good walks. Ty has also started school with WGU on the first of May and has already breezed through his first class. I'm very proud of him and know he will do amazing. Anna is amazing and growing all the time. I need to do a completely separate post just for her awesome updates. Overall, we're happy here and are so glad we decided to move. We miss our family that we left behind, but are excited to see them when we come to visit.
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