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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Gospel Lessons That Uplift

I'm thankful for Gospel Lessons That Uplift.

I love when I go to church and there is a lesson being given that's exactly what I need.  The Lord knows how to bless us in ways that we don't even realize.  How many times in our life do we go through trying and difficult times and then when we aren't expecting it, we hear the perspective of others and something clicks in our head?  Or we read the scriptures or a talk and the words of the prophets give us the hope to continue.

General Conference is one of those times that I pretty much always feel enveloped by the love of my Father in heaven.  Everything I ever need to hear is right there.  How they ever manage to receive the inspiration just for me I'll never know.  ; )

The best is when I'm preparing a lesson to teach others, or I'm writing a talk, and the message seems like it's really for me.  Most often it's about patience.  I don't think I'll ever stop learning that.

I'm thankful for these Gospel Lessons because of how they build me up when I am down.

I'm thankful for these Gospel Lessons because they always seem to come right when I need them.

I'm thankful for these Gospel Lessons because I know they directly from my Heavenly Father.

Do you have a favorite moment like this?

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