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Friday, February 8, 2013

Anna turns 11 months!

      Okay, fess up.  She's the cutest thing you've ever seen.  I knew it!  I mean just look at those cheeks!  We're constantly commenting on how she really is one of the most perfect babies we've ever come in contact with.  She's just happy most of the time and content playing by herself.  Though, she does okay with having us around.  :)

      Christmas was fun and crazy.  We spent Christmas with my family this year and Anna had fun playing with her cousins.  Autumn (who's name Anna will get switched for when we visit my family) is only about two weeks older than Anna and already walking.  It was fun to watch those two playing around each other.  Jude, who's about a year older, had a lot of fun playing with the little walking activity thing.  I think he ended up playing with it more than Anna did during that trip.  Haha.  Afterward, we went to Othello to have a small Christmas before Ty's parents left for Oregon, and spent New Year's with Nathan and Celia.  Who to our happy surprise and their sad disappointment, had not been able to move to Utah yet. When she met Ty's brother, Brandon, this time, she got so scared she started crying and kinda freaking out.  I think it's because of his crazy curly fro hair.  No matter what we tried to get her to see he was safe, she wouldn't take to him.  Poor guy.

      Friday afternoon, most of us went to Burger King for lunch and when we were done one of the employees brought out a tray of tiny soft serves for the kids.  I decided to let Anna have one.  Because of the coldness, she made a sour face, but seemed to get used to after awhile and liked it.  She couldn't finish it though.  So naturally, being the good mother I am, I finished it for her.  I couldn't possibly let perfectly good soft serve go to waste.  Later that night, while we were watching a movie, I started feeling really cold and nauseous.  By the time the movie was over, I felt awful and had to throw up.  I had to have Ty come and stand outside the door just in case because I felt so weak that I almost past out.  That continued for the next couple of days and soon after I got sick everyone else started too.  Even little Anna to a small degree.  Everyone, except Nathan.  He was the trooper through it all and took good care of all us sicklies.  It certainly made for a not so fun New Years. Oh well.  Anna still enjoyed herself and enjoyed having tons of toys to play with.  In fact, she was kind of a little stinker when in came to sharing toys.  One time, one of the boys was trying to get a toy back from her and she totally played keep away.  She's too smart for her own good.  It was so bad that once, I think it was Ezra who was crawling towards her, he started crying because he knew what was coming.  Those boys are sensitive and my girl definitely isn't.  Haha.  Like I said, she's a stinker.

Some things we are loving about Anna right now:

- Her laugh and smile.  Hands down the best way to get happy instantaneously.

- She grew her next to bottom teeth without a peep.  I'm so glad that she hasn't had to endure a lot of pain for it.  If she has, she is amazing at tolerating it.

- She started rocking whenever she hears music or a beat (like when I'm running on the treadmill).  It's so cute.  It first started with the Ernie that she got from her Grandma & Grandpa Robbins.  You push it to have him talk and the second thing he does is sing "One little, two little, three little duckies" and so forth and she'll hold Ernie tight and rock.  It's so sweet.  Her walker also makes sounds and has music so she'll press buttons until music comes along and start rocking.  

- About a week and half to two weeks after we came home from Othello she became a full fledged walking girl.  There was no out-of-the-blue, spontaneous act that she did.  Just a lot of practice over time.  She loves to toddle back and forth around the barricade, completely independent.  I think what's she's been waiting for all her life.  Now if she can manage to get past the new gates we put up, she'll be one happy camper.

- She started doing this head shake where it seems like she's saying "No", but really she's doing it to be funny and play. I think she may have got the idea from when she would sit in her high chair and I would dance for her, then get really close and shake my bangs and it made her laugh so much. She does it every once in awhile and I think it's really cute. Ty's not as much of a fan, but she doesn't seem to associate it with "No".

- Since we put up the gates we moved a few things.  One of those being a footstool with a lid and collapsible legs.  Ty bent the legs in and we started using it as the toy box.  She loves going in it and sitting in there while she digs through the toys she gets to play with that week.  We try to rotate weekly so she never gets too bored.  It really seems effective.  I can tell when I've forgotten to change them out because she starts to get overly cranky.

- When we come into her room in the morning to pick her up out of her crib, she is so happy.  She still sleeps through the night (maybe waking up once or twice every so often, but always going back to sleep) and when she wakes up she happy.  Getting her out of her room is almost like a game to her and she laughs when we are about to go downstairs.  It definitely helps when you don't feel excited about waking up early.

Some things we aren't loving so much:

- Her appetite is so all over the place.  I can never tell if she's going to like something that we give her one day and then hate it the next.  Experimenting can be exhausting.  

- The Rash.  We had to have her wear a sweater at all times so she couldn't scratch her back and shoulders as easily.  She's very determined though, so I have to keep a close eye on those finger nails.  We noticed it started coming back on her head a little so we put bag balm on it.  As long as we remember to do that every night we don't have any problems there. Her feet are still always needing to be covered with socks at all times.  Ugh.  I've kind of resigned myself to the idea that this maybe how it is for her.  As her parent, I'm sad that she has to endure this, but I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help her.  One day, it might not be as bad or go away completely.  I hope.

- When we leave the room and she notices, even if I'm just going into the Kitchen, she gets really upset.  I really wish we had a more open floor plan so that she doesn't have to worry that I'm going somewhere without her.

Anna turns 10 Months!

      My little munchkie unchkie is growing like a weed and I think it's about time I updated everyone.  We celebrated Thanksgiving and she was pretty adorable the day of.  In Othello we were able to to hang out with Nathan, Celia, and all their brigade.  Being around the twins inspires some kind of competitiveness in Anna like I don't usually see in her.  She starts hitting milestones faster from watching them and she surprises us often.  When I decorated for Christmas and put the tree up, she loved to look over at it from over the barrier.  I'm not sure what I'll do next year for our tree.  The one we have seems to be loosing it luster.  Who knows maybe I can finally convince Ty to buy a real one? There was one day where I went to Moses Lake to visit my brand new nephew and deliver my sister-in-law her birthday cake I made for her, leaving Ty alone with Anna for a full day.  The was the first time and he said he finally understood what I was talking about with our time consuming taking care of her can be.  She's definitely a full time job that's for sure.

Some things we are loving about Anna right now:

- We really need to make a video of the girl's diversifying laughs.  It's really so funny how finds new ways to show her amusement.  When she copies us when we laugh is the most fun game. However, she does like to laugh at what seems like just nothing or maybe herself sometimes.  I love hearing her giggle out of nowhere.

- She does this "turkey talk" that is so adorable and funny.  She wiggles her tongue and makes sounds and seriously sounds like a turkey gobble.

- Turning the pages to her books.  Still cute every time.

- Standing on her own is becoming a lot more common and she LOVES to have us hold her hands and walk around with her.  Nothing, I repeat, nothing makes her happier.  Of course, nothing makes her more upset when you stop too.  

- In that same spirit, on the night before she turned 10 months, she took her official first two steps on her own!  We were visiting in Othello because we thought Nathan and Celia might be moving before Christmas and wanted one more chance to hang out.  (Can you tell we just love these guys?)  Ty was in the Living Room with her and one of the twins.  He was holding her hands as she was standing and then let go to see if she would stand on her own, then she took two quick steps.  I couldn't believe it and couldn't stop doing the happy dance.  She's just growing up too darn fast.

- Her two front bottom teeth came in without a peep.  Our girl is a teething rock star!  When she smiles her big toothy grin I can't help get all happy inside and out. I know I'm biased, but I think she's the prettiest little lady.

Some things we aren't loving so much:

- Her eating is going to drive me nuts.  Right now, it's only fruits that she wants to eat.  I keep trying to offer veggies and sometimes we succeed, sometimes not so much.  Oh that girl.  

- The Rash.  We do have a ritual now.  Every morning and night we lotion her up good.  Every couple of days I have to cut her nails to keep her from cutting through the skin and bleeding.  Her feet are constantly a problem as well as her back.  I just want this to end.

- Changing her diaper is incredibly frustrating because she likes to take her legs and wrap them around your arms.  Getting dressed in general is a task because you can't seem to be bothered with sitting still and simply won't stand for anyone trying to make you. 

- I'm a paranoid first time mom.  It happens.  I always feel so cautious about her eating things that are not pureed, not knowing if it's too big.  So it seems that this situation was inevitable.  One day, while changing a poopy diaper, I notice something in her poo that looked different than the rest of it.  It looked solid.  I took it out with a wipe and finished her off.  When I cleaned it off I couldn't believe what I was looking at!  The thing was huge, but flexible.  Going out of character for myself, I took a picture and took to Facebook to see if anyone could identify these strange object.  I showed Ty and recruited his help after looking all over the house to figure it out.  Without even trying, he located the source of this thing.  The old school remotes for the Wii have these rubber tops on the joy sticks.  Ty, in an attempt to get to avoid eating on his controller, gave her one that he didn't like using, not knowing that the tops were able to come off.  Needless to say, I triple checked everything she could possible come in contact with.  And yes, I threw the top away.

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