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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Our Car

I'm thankful for Our Car.

We said good-bye to Little Red this Summer when we sold her to my parents.  It will probably be used my youngest brother while he learns to drive.  (*SCARY THOUGHT*)

We've actually been doing quite well as a one car family since it's just the two of us.  Living so close to where Ty works has helped also.  (That never gets old.)  It's been such a blessing to have this car.  I'm so grateful that we have such a nice car that works so well.

This last month, we made our final payment on Our Car and it is now officially ours!  I love that we don't have anymore payments towards it.  It will help to be able to use that money towards paying off debt.

Yesterday, I, in my utterly terrified state, drove through on the icy roads to get the brakes fixed.  I'm thankful that we have a car that's in very good working order.  It's very comforting to know that.  When we travel to our families home this holiday, we'll can do so safely, without worry that we might brake down or in fear that something will give out or break.

I'm thankful to have Our Car because it truly is a blessing to have such a luxury.  Because we have Our Car we don't have to walk if so choose, we don't have to take a bus or a train (both of which I've ridden in and they aren't horrible, but pit stops are part of the fun of road trips).
Haha.  Get it?  It's the end.
I'm so clever.  :)

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