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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Our New Home

I'm thankful for our new home.

It's kind of wondrous that we found such a great place at such a great price so VERY close to Ty's work.  We are VERY pleased.

We have so much more room than before (except for closet space, I could do with a whole lot more a that here).  Finally, we have a "laundry room" in the basement".  I love that it's not next or even in my kitchen.  Speaking of the basement, it's a finished basement so there are two rooms down there.  The tentative plan is to make one a work out room and the other a kind of storage room for boxes and things.  I'd love to get some shelving and make the extra room in the "laundry area" more pantry-esque.  When it's a little more (or even at all) cleaned up there I'll take pictures and get some advice from you guys.

It's a duplex, so one half of the building another family lives in.  We don't hear them too often so that's lovely.  I love our big backyard.  It's funny though, there's this telephone pole in our neighbors yard and it's one of those that needs to be supported with wires and so one side of wires is in almost the middle of our yard.  Not that big of a deal since I doubt it will ever be in our way, I just think it's funny that they choose to put one right there.  The yard is nice and big though and I love it for when we have kids over.
This house has been amazing and I'm so glad we decided to make the move.  Randomly I'll say to Ty, "I'm so glad we moved here."  The move part may have been a little crazy, but the living here has been awesome.  Hopefully, we won't move again until we're get into a house.  That's how much we love Our New Home.

I'm so thankful that I went on craigslist and started searching for a new place to live.

I'm so thankful that Our New Home was available right when we were looking.

I'm thankful that it's so close to Ty's work that he can walk to work when it's nice outside (or if I really just need the car.

I'm thankful Our New Home has Central Heating and Air.  Woot!  Woot!

I'm thankful for Our New Home because it really does feel like home.

What's the best thing about your home?


  1. Congratulations on your new home! I love that my home has its original woodwork, and it was never painted over--it's beautiful!

  2. Yeah for getting into a home!! I'm waiting until the day when we can get out of an apartment into a house. It will be nice to get more space. :)

    PS...I miss you!!! love ya!


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