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Friday, January 22, 2016

Baby #2 Belly Pics Update 2

      Wow!  It's been a long time since I posted some baby belly pics.  And now I'm almost done with this pregnancy.  How crazy is that?! Everything is going well and I feel like I've been in nesting mode since I started feeling better in the second trimester.  The plan is still to have a birth center birth with a midwife.  We've really enjoyed getting to know each of the midwives at the birth center and I'm so excited to have this baby with them there.  Okay, onto the pictures...

      So, I didn't notice this until looking at the pictures after posting them here, but I think it looks like baby dropped at 34 weeks.  Weird! I was sick around 36 weeks with an awful cold that stole my voice, energy, and care to wear makeup outside of the house except church.  I'm doing much better, thank goodness. Just in time! Baby Girl will be here soon and no one wants to be sick when they go into labor.

Thursday, January 21, 2016

2015 Update #3

      October was a fun month.  I took Anna to pick out a pumpkin at a local pumpkin patch.  She loved seeing the tractors and I think she could have picked a hundred pumpkins out.  Instead of carving, we used felt stickers.  I think I'll be getting those for the next couple years.  It was so nice to avoid the mess and the work.  We did lots of fun Halloween activities for preschool.  It might have been my most favorite week.  The day before Halloween, Ty's office let's families come in and the kids can go around to everyone's desk and trick-or-treat.  Anna has been asking to go to Daddy's office every time we need to drop him off at work.  Unfortunately for her, this is the only time they ever allow us to do that.  So she was anxiously awaiting this day and had so much fun.  She came away with so much candy that I was seriously considering say that was it for Halloween.  We did go out for Halloween though, and seriously, her bucket was full for quite awhile.

      November was pretty low key.  We decided to stay in Utah for Thanksgiving since traveling while I was that pregnant didn't sound like a great idea.  We were able to have our Thanksgiving with Ty's brother's family and despite being in charge of the turkey (which I did in the Crockpot and it turned out perfect!), it actually was very relaxing day.  Plenty of delicious food! And great company!

      December, we only did one week of preschool and I'm afraid that I've completely slacked off.  I spent the entire month just focused on Christmas and really trying to relax when I could.  I don't remember feeling that tense when I was pregnant with Anna, but walking around in the cold made my belly tighten. We had fun though with our Ward Christmas Party, St. Nikolaus Tag, seeing Christmas lights, making a gingerbread house, playing in the snow, and visiting Santa.  On Christmas Day we got to Skype with my family and little brother Michael.  It was great to see and talk with everyone.  In a year we'll be able to spend Christmas together.

      Just after Christmas, Ty started getting hip and leg pain that we think is either Sciatica or Piriformis Syndrome.  It's been improving a little bit each week, but it's still giving him pain. He's been seeing a chiropractor and doing stretches everyday, but started physical therapy today and hopefully that will really make a difference.  I wish I could say that we've been up to fun things in January, but really it's been all about preparing for Baby Girl's arrival.  Nesting has definitely set in and our condo has probably never looked better.  It's great.  Our house is nice and clean and I'm no longer embarrassed by the state of our home.  Haha.  She'll be here in just a few weeks and I'm starting to feel more prepared. 

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Baby #2 Gender Reveal

      So, apparently, my body just doesn't want to sleep well the night before we find out the gender of our babies. I went to bed and slept for a little while, but woke up and couldn't fall back asleep.  We live in a condo building and we have some neighbors underneath, to the right, and behind us. The neighbors behind us share the bedroom wall. They were up until around 1AM or later talking and laughing loudly. I would have banged on the wall, but I don't want to be THAT neighbor and I doubt it would do much good. Once they were quiet, I still struggled with getting to sleep and felt like I had a panic attack all night long. My hips, especially, my left side, have been hurting after awhile of laying in bed. So lots of tossing and turning. 

      I finally got up about 6:45 and went to do my treadmill workout. Ty worked from home today since we had the ultrasound appointment. He was so sweet and let me stay in bed and rest and try to fall asleep for a bit, while he took care of Anna. He really is the best! 

      Soon enough, we were on our way as I tried to finish my liter of water before we got there. The ultrasound tech was so nice. We had forgotten to bring a USB drive so we could have pictures to take home and he offered to let us come back for another ultrasound sound for free just so we could make sure we could have pictures. We took some with my phone of the screen, but it will be so nice to have some better ones to print out. It was so fun to see our baby moving around.  Opening and closing their mouth, moving their limbs, sucking their thumb, seeing the heart pumping. So incredible! 

      Soon, he was able to check for the gender. And......

      We're having another girl!! In the beginning, I really felt like we were having a boy, but the last few weeks I started to think we might be having a girl. I couldn't make up my mind so I knew I'd be surprised either way. We're so happy! Luckily, I've saved all of Anna's clothes and since our newest girl will also be a February baby, everything should work out seasonally too. We haven't settled on any names for a girl so we have some thinking to do. I'm mostly just feeling so at peace finally knowing we're having a girl. Life should be pretty interesting with all these females. A little funny since Ty and I both only have brothers. Let's pray that this girl will be as easy as Anna! Haha. 

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Baby #2 Belly Pics Update

      I haven't really been keeping up with much on this blog very well and that includes this pregnancy.  I do like having a record of everything though and seeing the difference between how I am now and where I was with Anna has been interesting.  Losing weight and staying in shape has really benefited me this pregnancy as I've tried to keep up with that.  Being so sick in the first trimester made it easy to not gain any weight, and in fact I lost some, but I wasn't able to work out the way I was used to and that's been hard.  I think I'm still in a good place, but I'm still trying to figure out the best ways to get a good pregnancy workouts.  Anyway, since I haven't posted any yet, I have lots of pictures to share, so here ya go!

      Everything has been going well and I'm feeling pretty good.  Tired most of the time, but good.  We're planning on a Birth Center birth this time around since living in a condo where space is limited and our neighbors are just so much closer.  I just feel like it will stress me out and I'd rather be more comfortable.  It's so crazy that we're halfway through this pregnancy! February and this baby will be here before you know it.

2015 Update #2

      Since coming out of the first trimester, I finally started feeling better at around 13 or 14 weeks.  The first trimester was pretty rough, especially compared with my pregnancy with Anna.  With Anna, I had really just morning sickness most of the time.  This little one had me feeling sick all day long.  I could hardly eat, but still tried because I knew I needed to.  Sunday's still seem to give me a hard time.  I've only had two good ones so far. I think it's because I have to get up and get ready so much earlier than usual.  Hopefully, I'll  have more good Sunday's from now on.

       Being sick put a damper on our Summer and we didn't do a lot, but as soon as I started feeling better, I wanted to make sure we did as much as we could.  In other words, I packed our weekends full.  Haha.  One Saturday we took Anna bowling for the first time.  I lost in the worst way, but we had so much fun and will definitely do it again.

      We went to the Zoo and it was a blast!  They had statue and animatronic dinosaurs all over the park and it was really fun for all of us to see them.  We got there later than we planned (probably my fault), but we managed to spend hours seeing all the dinosaurs and animals and there was still more we could have seen.  But it was sooooo hot! Before we left we made sure to let Anna go on the carousel and we all went on the little African Safari train. 

      I also when with the Youth in our Ward to float along the Provo River.  Sounds nice and relaxing right.  Well, not so much.  Haha.  There weren't enough tubes for everyone and another leader and I shared a larger tube.  Unfortunately, that tube had a hole in it and was deflating the longer we were on it.  If we had to walk it was a little hard because the current was so quick it was hard to keep up.  It's sad because I had hurt my toe and it hurt every time I took a step on it.  Eventually, we made it work and me and few of the Youth got it out at a good stopping point.  I was actually just released from the Young Womens and put in as an Activity Day leader.  I'll miss Young Women for sure, it felt like I was just getting the hang of things.  Hopefully, I'll be able to do well with this new calling.

      We got a new Washer & Dryer!!!!  It's been glorious.  The set we had was a hand-me-down from Ty's grandparents and we did really well with it for a long time.  In December the dryer stopped heating up and we had to use a laundromat.  We bought a cheap used one to replace it, but it had to be intensely cleaned and then Ty noticed that burned spots on his white church shirts.  We decided to finally just buy a brand new set.  We love them! Laundry takes so much less time and our energy bill is a lot lower than it used to be.

      The biggest thing we've been up to lately in school.  Preschool for Anna.  Since she wasn't showing interest in potty training (which has drastically changed in the last couple of weeks), I decided to do home Preschool.  We don't spend a lot of time since she really is so smart and knows all the things I'm teaching (and more) anyway.  However, we are working on her handwriting and fine motor skills and she's been doing great.  I seriously wouldn't be surprised if she skips second year of Preschool and goes straight into Kindergarten next year.

      Ty has also been busy with work and school.  With luck, but especially hard work, he will hopefully be done by the end of October.  The class he is in now has been very information heavy and taken a long time to get through, but he's amazing and almost finished.  I'm so proud of him and how much he's been able to accomplish.  Having this degree will absolutely mean good things for our family, but just as much for him, personally.  He's a pretty awesome guy and we just love him around here.

      We find out the gender of our baby tomorrow!!  I'm very excited! And anxious.  Haha.  It seems all of the friends I have who are also pregnant have found out what they are having already and I'm so ready to find out.  I was pretty confident before I knew what we were having, but now I'm not so sure.  We'll be so happy either way.  I'm just ready to know and give them a name.

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