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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Being Pregnant

     I wanted to end my days of Thankful posts this month with the one I'm probably most excited about.  Although, I must say, I'm pretty ready to meet our daughter instead of housing her.  :)  I'm continuously amazed at how much bigger my belly is getting, which of course, is a reflection of how much bigger she is getting.  Oh dear.  In only a few short months we'll be holding her in our arms and seeing just how big she is.

     I'm already bigger than I am in that picture.  Sometimes I think that it's all happening so fast, but then when I reflect on how long it took us to get here, I remember how those months passed so slowly.  My Heavenly Father has been so good to us and hindsight has helped me to appreciate the blessing we had to enjoy our marriage with just the two of us.  Even more now than before.  It's also allowed us to appreciate what a gift it is that we are being given on an even deeper level.  I believe that had we had children when I wanted we never would be able to have experiences that needed to grow and become better.  It's a little easier for me to empathize with those struggle with infertility (though I don't pretend to be an expert of any one person's situation and experience).  The time I struggled with it helped to test my faith and show me how weak I really am and that through my Heavenly Father, true miracles take place.  Now that I am pregnant, though it challenges me in different ways, I'm so grateful to be able to know I can have children and that we are chosen to have this child come to us first.  I hope we live up to the job.  I'm looking forward to getting to know this little spirit and understand who she is as a person.

I'm thankful to Be Pregnant because it's just one more way the Lord has shown his love for me.

     As a side note, my sister-in-law, Cecilia gave birth to their twin boys on Monday, November 28th, and she is amazing and wonderful, having done it completely natural.  Her birth story is written on her blog found here.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Garage Sales

     Until I started experiencing morning sickness, this summer I had one mission.  Garage Sales.  Go and save on awesome things.  I know Extreme Couponing has been getting a lot of press lately and it's pretty impressive what people can get for next to nothing.  However, sometimes I find people are overindulgent in their purchases and buy things they don't really need simply because they can.  Getting a good find at a Garage Sale is like hitting the jackpot or finding buried treasure. 

     I love that I was able to buy a toaster oven, fully functional and working, just needed to be cleaned, for $5.  Yes!!!  Those bad boys can be expensive and I saved a bunch.  One of my favorite events of this year was the huge Mill Creek Garage Sales we were able to go to in October.  We were lucky to go up with my in-laws with their truck and trailer and find the majority of things we need for our little girl and some other fun items.  We were able to get a travel system, pack n' play, bouncer, carseat cover, co-sleeper, baby bathtub, high chair, breast pump, glider & ottoman, baby clothes, bed frame (for us), leather chair, and a George Foreman Grill (new) for under $250.  Yeah, we scored.  I've been able to find more baby clothes in our own area of Garage Sales as well.  Thanks to Craigslist, which is like an online Garage Sale, we also found a crib w/ mattress and bedding and a papasan swing.  With the exception of a few onesies I was gifted and a nursing cover I found for really cheap, nothing I have for our daughter so far is brand new.  The old saying, "One man's trash is another man's treasure" is absolutely true in the case of Garage Sales.

I'm thankful for Garage Sales because they've allowed me to buy things I need (and don't need ;) ) without braking our bank account.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Time Out for Women

     For the past few years I've been really lucky to have been able to attend a women's conference put together by Deseret Book, called Time Out for Women.  It's a Friday night and all day Saturday event (though you can choose to do only one day) where us ladies congregate and listen to uplifting music and talks shared by selected talent and speakers.  You don't have to be LDS to attend, but generally speaking most who go are, though I'm confident everyone would enjoy it. 

     To make each event more meaningful for myself, I would take notes and post my interpretations and inspirations on the blog.  You can find all of my posts so far here.  Unfortunately because I'll be so newly introduced to motherhood only a couple of months before, I won't be able to attend in 2012 as far as I can tell.  Also, I'm not sure where I'd stay.  This is regretful as the schedule for speakers and musical guests are going to be people high up on my list of those I'd like to hear, as well as the topics for the messages they've prepared.  Each year is uplifting in its own way and I always look forward to the next year.  If you are going this year please, please, pretty please write about it so I can live vicariously through you!!!  :)

I'm thankful for Time Out for Women because it helps me feel better about where I'm going and what I'm doing in my life.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Emotion Code/Muscle Testing

     I've mentioned it before, but in Ty's family we use something called the Emotion Code and Muscle Testing.  It truly amazing work.  Delving into what it is and how it works would be awfully complicated and take a ridiculously great amount of time to explain.  I would recommend reading the book, which you can find on Amazon here.  To briefly explain, we all have profound experiences (which are defined differently by each person) in our lives that can cause negative reactions.  It's a common thing to not deal with those negative emotions properly and this causes energy to be blocked and proclaiming itself in a physical manner.  The Emotion Code provides a way to release and deal with those blocked energies and "trapped emotions", helping to heal ourselves.

     I can't even begin to tell you the amount of help it has given our family and I've also seen personal benefit.  There will be a lot of people who call this cockamamie, but to you I say, "Don't knock it 'til you try it."  It helps me to understand why I might get upset or anxious or feel sad about things and work to changing that.  The Muscle Testing work that we use in correlation to the Emotion Code helps to figure out what the body is yelling at us, trying to say.  Our bodies can give us the answers if we just take a minute or two to listen.

I'm thankful for the Emotion Code and Muscle Testing because they have helped me in physical and emotional ways so that I can be a happier person.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

TV Episodes Online

     Have you ever missed your favorite show the night it was on?  We have plenty of times.  In fact, this holiday weekend, we are staying with family that does have cable, and we'll probably be hanging out and chatting most of the time anyway.  That doesn't mean I want to miss what happened this week on The Office though.

     Last night I missed Biggest Loser and we'll be at my parents' house tonight so I'll miss it again tonight.  I'm not worried though, because luckily I can go online and watch it for completely free!  Yay!  There are some shows that the company doesn't post online, like The Mentalist.......However, if you do enough digging you can find them online for free.  We always miss Bones and sometimes Mentalist on Thursdays, but there's a site that provides those episodes so we never have to miss them for long. 

I'm thankful for TV Episodes Online because it allows me to watch the entertainment I might have normally missed.  Technology is awesome.

Friday, November 25, 2011

     It's Black Friday and I'm staying home and avoiding the chaos that is the sales.  Instead, I'm calmly awaiting Cyber Monday and all of its lovely deals.  I love being able to shop from home and rest my feet instead of walking around the store, frantically trying to find the item I MUST have.  My favorite online store:

     Where else can you find a TV and German chocolate at the same place for relatively cheap?  I usually find the best deals there and I love that they have such a wide variety of stuff.  Typically, if I want something they have it.  Hooray!!  I don't know about you, but I do a lot of Christmas shopping here and that makes life so much easier.

I'm thankful for because it makes shopping better and easier.

Thursday, November 24, 2011


     Even through all the changes and updates, I still have to be thankful and glad for Facebook.  Where else can I spy stalk keep up with all of my friends and family?

     I'm a social creature and love to interact with many people.  I love staying updated on everyone and not have to hear about it through the grapevine.  It's funny because my Mom will tell me some news about someone we know and I'll say, "Oh yeah, I already know that."  "How?", she asks.  "Uh, Facebook."  She then tells me how much she hates it and I continue to have my own opinion and use it.  To me, email is great, but if I really want people to know about something, my wedding reception for example, I put it on Facebook.  If I have a question that one or more of my friends might be able to help me out with, it goes on Facebook and more likely than not, I'll get a good response.  I refuse to use Facebook as my diary.  That's what this blog is for.  :)  Well, maybe not a full diary.  There are social limits and boundaries that get crossed on occasion by friends and it drives me mad.  I don't need or care to know what time you went to the store or ate a sandwich.  And I really don't need to know the personal details of your marriage or other relationships.  Tell your therapist, mom, or best friend.  For the most part though, I enjoy reading people's updates and seeing pictures of their families and how cute and adorable everyone's kids have gotten.  Unless you delete them, you don't have to loose track of friends and keep up with family you don't see often.  How wonderful is that? 

I'm thankful for Facebook because of the connection it gives me to my friends and family.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

“[Consumers] don't have to worry about what's for dinner at the end of the day when they are using their Crock-Pot,” John Hanson

     We received our Crock Pot at our wedding and boy have I loved it!  I hate to keep saying this, but especially now.  By the end of the day I'm beat and don't really have the desire to make dinner.  However, with this beauty I can get started early and do little work.

     Our favorite concoction is a Chicken Fiesta Soup.  The soup is really good and you can vary the heat depending on your tastebuds.  The best part is actually an idea that Ty came up with.  We drain it and use the meaty part for burritos.  YUM!!!  That's been such a lifesaver since it makes so much.  In fact, I always try to make some when I run out.  We've done a few other experiments with different recipes and again, I love that it doesn't take much work.  I have a cookbook full of recipes and I'm always looking on Pinterest for more.  If you have any that you'd like to share, please do!  I also love that it's low energy and doesn't heat up the kitchen like the oven does.  It really is a wonderful invention.

I'm thankful for my Crock Pot because of the time it saves me and the yummy meals it helps me make.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Energy....When I Have It

     If there is anything good about being sick or down for the count, it's that it helps us appreciate when we are healthy and everything is good.  So far, I've been fortunate to have only gotten sick once for a week in the very beginning of pregnancy.  However, who knew growing humans took so much out of you?  Especially, if I'm not careful and getting enough protein and water, I tend to feel quite exhausted.  Though sometimes regardless of that, sleep does elude me and I will still have a tough time not taking a nap during the day. 

     When Energy does come my way, I like to take full advantage of it and get stuff done.  Sometimes it happens so out of the blue that Ty is confused and says, "I could have done that for you."  Probably, but if I can I'm gonna.  Today, I'm hoping that I'll have enough energy since I have some shopping and errands that need to get done.  My feet don't always last so long, but I'm going to do my best to finish everything on my list.  I think even when not pregnant, it's nice to have that boost of Energy to get you through the day.  To get things accomplished and checked off your list is wonderful and if I have the Energy to do it in one day, then we are in serious business.  :)

I'm thankful for When I Have Energy because it allows me to get things done and makes me feel better.

Monday, November 21, 2011

"This feature will no longer be available."

     That is what Facebook is telling me about my blog posts being imported to Notes starting tomorrow, November 22nd.  Seriously?!  I'm not excited about this.  There are a lot of you who only read my blog posts when they are put on Facebook.  However, I'm hoping that just because I will have to switch gears and do things differently, you'll all still love me and still come to my blog.  :)  My plan is to still post a link on Facebook when a new blog post is up.  My desire and hope is that you'll all still come visit and leave comments.  Leaving a comment is easily done, even if you don't have an account with Blogger, as they have a few options to choose from.  I hope you will leave comments because I love them.  :)

“I'd rather have a search engine or a compiler on a deserted island than a game.” John Carmack

     Looking stuff up on the internet is amazing!  How did we live before online searching?  The Encyclopedia?  Man, that was a lot of work.  This being the information age, brilliant people have developed ways for us to have such a plethora of knowledge at our fingertips.

      These are just the most popular and the ones I use, but I'm sure there are many, many more.  I use Swagbucks most often because I can earn points and use them to purchase things.  The most common thing people redeem points for is e-Gift Cards.  Ty and I have been saving ours up in hopes of earning something big.  If I can't find what I'm looking for there, or if I'm using my phone, I use Google second most often.  Typically, I use these Search Engines to solve a debate or a looming question the group has.  Don't know the answer, "I'm lookin' it up".  Wanna prove you're right (or wrong depending on the answer), "I'm lookin' it up".  It's amazing that we have this technology today. 

I'm thankful for Search Engines because they bring information to me with me having to do so much much work and research.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

My Faith

     Faith is a funny thing.  It requires trust and obedience.  Two things I've never been very good at.  ;)  However, in order to have Faith, these things are key.  It's difficult to put all of our trust in something greater than ourselves and do our part to see our hopes come to fruition.  When we do, though, beautiful things happen.  It also requires, at times, patience.  Yet another thing I often fail in practicing.  If you can't tell, I've had to continually work on My Faith.

From Pinterest.

     Having Faith has taught me that I'm not always able to do things on my own, and I'm not required to.  It's taught me that even though I want something bad enough, no matter how righteous or good it is, that doesn't be mean I'll receive it promptly.  It might take time.

Again from Pinterest.  I told you I love that site.  :)

      Through Faith I've learned there are sometimes better things waiting for me than I could have imagined.  My husband for example.  Had I married the first guy, or even the second, I ever fell for, I know I wouldn't be nearly as happy and living the life that I know I truly should be.  I'm glad I kept Faith that someday I would find my real Prince Charming.  (Goodness this month is turning into a worship service for Ty.  I suppose he deserves it. ;) )  It took a lot of Faith for me that we would be able to have a child naturally.  It took three years, but it happened.  I really think that it was that release of control and finally letting my Faith take the reins that it happened.  I showed my Heavenly Father I was ready to trust Him fully, that I would do what He wanted me to do, no matter how long.  I'm so happy I did.  Throughout this pregnancy (and I'm sure until its end), I've had to continue with Faith that everything will be all right and that Baby Girl and I will both be safe and healthy. 

I'm thankful for My Faith because of the truths it testifies to me and because it continually guides me in the right direction.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ty Working From Home

     Ty's job has always been flexible enough to let him work from home occasionally.  However, beginning a month and a half ago he's been working from home full time.  I must say, I'm a fan.  I really love being around my husband since he really is my favorite person.  When he is working, and especially in meetings I try not to be in the office or just keep quite so I don't disturb him and take too much advantage of his presence. 

Ty's workspace

     Since he's been home it's proven to be a great situation for both of us.  He can work in his pajamas all day and if I need his help with something quick, he's available.  Laundry for instance yesterday.  Lifting heavy loads isn't exactly on the list of things pregnant ladies should do.  Lucky for me, Ty is always to my rescue.  This arrangement has also saved us on gas.  Not that we lived far from where his office was before, but every little bit helps.  It also allows for me to take the car when needed and not have to worry that he'll need it, or that I'll have to pick him up or drop him off.  (***I should note that I almost never go anywhere with the car on my own, as I hate driving.  Also, the lifting heavy loads at Costco applies here.***)  When the baby comes, I'm looking forward to him being here.  Even if I don't always need him, it's comforting to know that he's not far.  My favorite part of Working From Home is the random kisses I get.  :)  Yup, it's great.

I'm thankful for Ty Working From Home because he's my rock and it's good to have him near me.

Friday, November 18, 2011


     It's my newest fun distraction and time waster.  Almost two months of using it and I'm already a pinning fiend.  Haha.  And I love it!!!


     If you don't know what Pinterest is, I suggest you get on that band wagon.  Here's probably the best definition: 
     My friend Jenna of That Wife wrote a post on her blog explaining Pinterest and how it works with pictures.  I like pictures to explain things.  It makes it so much easier for me, as a visual learner.

     Here's Pinterest in 5 Steps:

     I love using Pinterest to find ideas for so many things.  I have multiple boards (several of which are categories for recipes) and it makes it so much more organized.  Though, I do need to go through a couple of my boards and divvy them up so it's even more organized.  I use StumbleUpon, but I like Pinterest's way of organizing better.  Though I will still keep using Stumble to find things and to bookmark the sites that don't have pictures rendering them unpinable. 

I'm thankful for Pinterest because it helps me come up with great recipes and other ideas, as well as helping pass time semi-productively.  :)

If you don't have a Pinterest account and would like one, leave me a comment with your email address and I will send you an invite.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Living Close to Family

     I love our family.  Both his and mine.  When we were first married we lived in Moses Lake, so we were even closer to each family.  However, job opportunities took us to the Tri-cities and we love it here, as previously mentioned in another post. Even still, we are pretty lucky to be close to family. 

Project:  Get updated pictures of both parents.  These are the only ones on my computer of them as couples and they are from at least a year or more ago.

     I love that both of our parents come visit us here when they come to the Tri-cities.  We love to see them and it's nice of them to take time out of their trip to see us.  Whenever we go to a family gathering, I'm always so glad that the longest we have to drive is an hour and a half.  Ty and I both have siblings that live much farther away and I wish that they lived nearer to us (or that we lived nearer to them) so we could see them more often.  One of his brothers, and his family, we see once a year and we all wish it was more.  I'm also glad that we have grandparents so close.  I have to admit that getting married and having two different families to spend time with was really different for me.  Since my maternal grandparents are in Germany, we only see them every so many years.  Oh how I wish that we could see them more than that!  It's hard to not see them as much and I miss them dearly.  However, I think it does make me appreciate them that much more.  (I LOVE YOU OMI AND OPA!)  Oh dear, the pregnancy hormones are kicking in and my eyes are getting teary.  Time to end.  :)

I'm thankful for our Families and that we Live Close to them because I love the bonds we share with them and I treasure the time we have.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My iPhone

     A year ago, I was pleading with my husband, trying to convince him I really did NEED an iPhone.  Or at least, I tried to get him to understand it's usefulness.  By January, he caved and I purchased my first smartphone on ebay.  (Ironically, about a month later, while updating it broke, but because it was only one day outside of the warranty they sent me a brand spankin' new one for free.) 

     I love my iPhone.  I love having apps that I use on a daily basis.  For instance, the C25K App played a huge roll in my weight loss and I'm so glad that I had it.  When, Ty and I are wanting to eat out either in our area or on vacation, we use Urbanspoon and it's fun, casino-esque, search tool.  Though, I didn't think it would be all that great at first, the new Reminder app that came with the iOS5 update has really helped be more productive.  Especially considering the state of my "pregnancy brain" as of late.  The list could really run on for days as I'm always finding new apps that can be useful.  The point being, I'm so happy with my phone.  In spite of the release of the newest iPhone, I'm content with what I have for now and will look into upgrading next year.  Who knows, maybe there will even be an iPhone 5 and I'll snatch one of those.

I'm grateful for my iPhone because it makes life a little easier and helps me to accomplish things.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

“Clothes and manners do not make the man; but, when he is made, they greatly improve his appearance.” Henry Ward Beecher

     I love clothes.  Right now, I'm incredibly limited in the amount of clothes I can wear.  If I'm not planning on seeing anyone or going out of my house, it tends to just be my pajamas.  However, I still love to put together cute outfits of from the limited selection of maternity clothes I've been able to procure so far.

 I don't have any pictures of my pregnant that aren't belly shots.  I'll work on that.  :)

     Isn't is wonderful that we have clothes and don't have to run around nakey in the freezing cold weather?  During the warmer months I know we all like to shed a few layers, but I'm glad that we have coverings to shield the world from seeing everything.  Some might be alright with showing a little extra skin, but I'm all for keeping what I got a secret.  My beliefs and standards have always given me the boundaries to stay within to keep myself modest and I greatly appreciate that.  Last month, during Activity Days (it's where the group of girls in the church between the ages of 8-11 get together once to twice a month and have lessons and activities suited to them), we had a lesson on Modesty.  I was so pleased with these girls and how they really felt the need to keep themselves covered and understood what it meant to be modest.  In the activity I brought some magazines for girls their age and we also had some church magazines at our disposal, to cut out pictures of modest clothing.  Looking for magazines at the store I was a little frustrated.  More of them were covered with women dressing too provocatively.  You can agree or disagree with me on this, but my personal opinion is that if a garment you are wearing is showing any part of your body, then the message you are giving people is, "I want you to be able to see this part of me."  If you are wearing something low cut or that comes up high, you are decidedly giving people permission to look, stare, and/or gawk.  My philosophy is don't give them the opportunity to make you feel like an object and wear clothes that fit and cover.  Rant over.  :)

I'm thankful for Clothes because they keep me covered and warm and secure and modest.

Monday, November 14, 2011

"And it came to pass, when she was in hard labour, that the midwife said unto her, Fear not; thou shalt have this son also." Gen. 35:17

     It wasn't easy finding a Midwife in this area.  There used to be a birth center in Kennewick, but it closed.  There's a group who are based half an hour from here, but they are booked up until after my due month.  I was lucky to find Ginger and that she is available.  She's been wonderful, as you can probably tell from my Midwife visit posts. 

Her website doesn't have her photo so I had to google it.  :)

     My Midwife is very reassuring and confident in my abilities as a women to have this baby at home, naturally.  I kept wondering how to describe her personality to others.  On the way home from our last visit, I realized she has a very similar personality to my aunts on my dad's side.  So really she's like family.  :)  I'm very comfortable with her and I'm so glad that I feel so at ease in her presence.  That was something very important to me to find in a Midwife as she's going to be a big part of my labor and birth experience. 

I'm thankful for my Midwife, Ginger, because I'm so comfortable with her and she helps me stay confident in myself to be able to birth at home.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


     I bet you're all thinking I'm going to say I'm thankful I can give massages.  No such luck.  :)  While, I'm glad for my training and education in the field, I'm still happy with my decision to discontinue working in it.  I much rather prefer to be on the receiving end.  There's nothing in the world like resting on a table and having someone work through the knots and tightness in your body. 

     Earlier in pregnancy I was able to get a couple of massages.  I'm dying for another.  It's so wonderful that such a thing exists.  If I had the means I would get one monthly, as it is very good for your overall health.  Oh, how I miss massage school when I would get a massage almost every day.  It was lovely.  Getting a massage puts you out of this world and into your happy place.  My favorite (other than the necessary neck, shoulders, and upper back for me) is to have my legs and feet worked on.  Everybody always forgets about the legs!  When they are being "molded" and relaxed, you remember just how much you use your legs and how all of the unknown stress inside those muscles is being drained away.  Magical.  Can you tell I've thought about this a lot?  :)

I'm thankful for Massages and the relief and relaxation they provide.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Late Church

     I LOVE my church.  Right now I'm loving that our ward doesn't start until 1PM.  It certainly makes it easier for us to get to church on time.  (Not that we aren't sometimes late even though we have extra time to get ready.  Whoops!)  Our area, like some others, is different in the way they change meeting times.  We change times when school starts (so basically September).  Since we moved into the ward after the change had already been made last year, we were quite a bit early the first Sunday it changed.  :)  With our little one on the way, I think I'm even more appreciative that church will start later for us when she's born.  Though it's going to make changing to 9AM difficult.

I'm thankful we have Late Church because it allows for a little extra sleep-in time and more time to be on time.

Friday, November 11, 2011

“Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.” Hubert de Givenchy

     I have really long hair.  I love it long.  Years ago, it used to be short.  I did not love it then.  You can't do much with short hair.  At least, I was never able to.  It's always been my opinion that longer hair is better because I get so bored of the same hairstyle over and over again.  (Except for now, as I wear it in a bun pretty much every day unless we go church.)  When I do my hair, I usually just dry, curl, and go.  Occasionally, I'll flat iron, it all depends on my mood.  I love that I have the options.

     I really would like to get more creative with my tools and see what fun things I can do.  However, I'm glad that at least can do what I can.  Can you imagine rolling your hair every night like they used to?  FOR-EV-ER!!!  Or putting the iron on the fire to heat it up?  That always makes me think of this scene in Little Women.

I'm thankful for my Hair Styling Tools because they help make me feel complete with my hair and it also makes it so much easier to do my hair.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

“The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural” Calvin Klein

     While my husband says that I look beautiful without make up and prefers me that way (Is it hard to see why I love him so?  I think not.), I still like to don myself with a little extra coverage to feel like I've erased any minor or large blemishes.  I know my Heavenly Father didn't make any mistakes, but I believe that he also blessed us with challenges.  Makeup helps my facial challenges seem less dominant. 

     This might look like a lot of Makeup, but I don't use half of it most of the time.  I still like the natural flare that foundation, mascara, and blush give me and most days I don't add much to that except maybe some eyeliner.  For days and nights I'm feeling the need to be a little extra fun and fancy, I try to experiment a little with eye shadow.  I don't have amazing cosmetic skills so the experimenting is quite minimal.  My first experience with Makeup was when I was in dance, but then people were applying it for me and I had no idea what was really getting done.  I still wish I knew some of the cool tricks I see girls do with their eyelids.  As I got older, my mom finally let me start wearing lipstick.  I would say this was a mistake and that I should have gone for the mascara first, as I'm quite pale looking and this did nothing to help.  Honestly, I feel like I'm still figuring out what colors are best for me and I think most women and girls are that way.    Here's to a lifetime of figuring out the best way to make ourselves look pretty!  :)

I'm thankful for Makeup because it gives me that added boost of confidence when I put it on.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

"Actually, I wear the nail polish to hide how grubby my nails are." Caroline Corr

    I don't really consider myself a girly girl.  I really don't care for the color Pink.  I grew up playing with four brothers, legos, G.I. Joes, and nerf guns more than I did with my dolls.  However, that's not to say that I am or ever was a tomboy.  I still had my Mom and plenty of girl friends who had a large influence on me.  One of the ways that us ladies can feel pretty and girly/womanly is painting our nails.

     I love having an array of colors in my arsenal to choose from.  There's a long way to go before I have all the colors I want.  My sister-in-law thinks I'm weird for having a bunch of different colors other than the span of pinks to reds she has.  My mom is really into neutral colors.  I, however, am a rebel.  :)  My personality is to big for one color range.  The big can behind all of my colors is a spray that helps the polish to quick dry.  LOVE IT!!!  When I first bought some I got the smaller ran out and I bought the bigger one.  I love to paint my nails according to holidays, seasons, and special occasions.  Like the time I endured the color Pink to celebrate finding out we are having a girl.  It's just so much fun and it makes me feel pretty.  Especially right now, being pregnant, and not having a whole lot energy to always take a shower and get ready every day.  This makes me feel a little bit more like I've tried, without having to do much.  Soon, I'm going to have to invest in getting regular pedicures as it's increasingly more difficult to reach my toes. 

I'm thankful for Nail Polish because it makes me feel more female and pretty and it's fun!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Area We Live In

     It's been two years since we moved the Tri-cities and we still love it. We now live in Richland and we hope to stay here for a long time.  This area has been wonderful.  Richland especially.  If you want to get technical, we live in North Richland and it's much quieter than most anywhere else in the Tri-cities.  I love that we are sort of set apart from the rest of the busyness, but it takes about 15 minutes to get anywhere we need to go. 

     Our little side of the duplex quickly became home and it's hard to believe we've lived here a year.  It went by so fast!  Needless to say, we don't plan on moving anytime soon.  From our home or the Tri-cities.  I love that there are three Wal-marts here.  All of you who are from Moses Lake or even Othello will understand my initial skepticism about going to this store since I had so many other options (Fred Meyer, Target, the Mall).  However, due to the fact that there is so much more competition here the stores are much cleaner, organized, and all around more pleasant.  We also have enjoyed the larger span of restaurants (though I do hope we get a little more variety, like some good European places would be lovely).  Here in Richland, there's only two major chain restaurants (other than fast food) and the others are all privately owned, which is great.  I really think those are better because they really want to impress you.  Another great thing about living here is the three different movie theaters.  If we want to go to a movie, but missed the showing at one, chances are we can make it to the other.  My favorite thing has to be being so close to the trails and those being so close to the river.  It's really lovely to see and to look out across and see the beautiful scenery.

I'm thankful for the Area We Live In because of all the different things it offers for entertainment, shopping, and that it's just a beautiful place.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Livestrong's My Daily Plate

     Yesterday, I wrote about the physical activity that got me down 40 pounds.  Today, I'm writing my gratitude for the site that helped me keep track of what I was consuming and how much activity I needed in order for me to reach that goal. offered so much to me in the way of helping me see where I might be going wrong.  Last year, I wrote about all the different aspects of the site that I used here

     Because of its many features (and of course my dedication to using the site), I lost a good amount of weight.  Of course, I'm gaining quite a bit back due to the pregnant, but I'll worry about getting it back off after our little lady love is born.  :)  When I do, you can guarantee I'll be using this site.  Since, I've already written a post about the site, I won't go crazy telling you why I love it so much, but I will reiterate that it is amazing.  I know many people have used other sites and/or apps, but this worked well for me for a long time and I'm going to stick with it.

I'm thankful for My Daily Plate because it helped give me the tools and motivation I needed to lose weight and be healthy.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Midwife Appointment at 25 Weeks

    We started talking about me getting my glucose test done.  She gave me the paperwork,  instructions for how much grape juice to take, instructions for where to go, how much blood they draw.  All that jazz.  Then, we talked really quick about the next appointment which will be at our house.  She will be giving us two birthing classes a week apart in our home.  I'm really excited for that because it will give her a chance to see our home and where we will be having the baby.  Additionally, it will be lovely because we don't have to go anywhere.  :)  Yay for that!

     She asked about how the baby is moving and I was happy to report that she was increasing in movement, though during our few days away from home on vacation she was pretty still.  Since coming home she's gone back to normal.  Ginger said that it was interesting how babies in the womb can tell when they are in different environments.  That's exactly how I felt.  Like our little girl knew we weren't at home and it was throwing her off.  All is normal though.  I discussed how I've been getting pregnancy nasal congestion every morning and how uncomfortable it is.  Back when I first met with her she prescribed me a herbal remedy for that and it has helped quite a bit.  Also, I told her that, though my ankles are doing fine and not bloating up, they do get awfully soar and can't stand for too long of a time.  She suggested that I wear tennis shoes during the day to help with that.

    We then covered my diet and I gave her a general list of what I eat at every meal and for snacks.  I'm struggling with making dinner and I really need to make things in bulk.  Crock pot, crock pot, crock pot.  I think we will be putting it to a lot more use soon.  Then, she asked what I do for physical activity.  Ummmm, so lately not so much of anything.  She reminded me that birth is a physical activity.  It should have been a "Duh" thing, but it was a good reminder for my lazy bum that I need to work on conditioning my muscles for the most physically straining thing I've ever done.  I'm glad that Ginger reiterated it because I definitely needed to hear it. 

      She asked about my headaches, which have gotten better.  I switched to bottled water and I think that helped.  We found that our Brita filter wasn't getting all the chlorine out of the tap.  So to be safe we've been getting bottled for drinking.  Ty researched it a little bit and we are considering getting Culligan delivered.  As far as the headaches that I do get, they seem to be caused from sinus pressure from the congestion that happens in the morning.  However, once that's relieved they are gone.  Ginger also suggested using a salt water solution with a homemade make-shift Nettie Pot. 

     My measurements put me at 27.  I thought I would get away with it, but last minute she asked me what my weight is.  Ashamed I told her, I gained another 10 pounds.  It's all thanks to my new healthy appetite and my lack of physical activity.  She didn't seemed to worried, but said that I need to increase my activity or eat less.  Yeah, I'm definitely not going to be eating less.  We also discussed support for my belly when lying on my side.  Just in case your wondering pregnancy is not always comfortable.  :)

     So goals for this next month are to increase physical activity, start preparing dinners earlier, and get the glucose test done.  I've already started figuring out a schedule and a way to get some good activity in each day so hopefully it will be easy to stick to.  I've come up with some great dinner ideas that are all about the crock pot.  The glucose test will be taken in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping that all goes well.

Treadmill & Weights

     I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with these items.  I love that because I used them so often I was able to loose 40 pounds.  However, I hated that I had to use them.  In spite of that, I did use them and I'm grateful that I had a Treadmill and Weights in my home so I didn't have to go to the gym and feel self-conscience about what I looked like or what other people thought of me.  Also that I was able to do things at my own pace and not feel pressured by a trainer do it on their terms.  I had the motivation, I simply had to put my tools to use. 

     And boy, did I put them to good use!  It was a great convenience to be able to run and watch TV and keep my mind occupied.  Having my own weights created the same benefit as well.  I'm really pleased with how well I did, but I'm positive that I did so well because I was able to use my Treadmill and Weights at my leisure.  Now that it's getting colder outside, the Treadmill will definitely be getting more use out of it.  Because of my own laziness the Weights haven't been doing much other than sitting in their spot.  However, that will be changing very soon as I plan on getting them out more often. 

I'm thankful for my Treadmill and Weights because of what they allowed me to do (lose weight) in the comfort of my home.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Central Heating & Air

    In the first two places we lived we had baseboard heating and a wall A/C unit.  During the Fall/Winter the heating was fine, but I was always worried it would burn something.  When it was warm enough to turn on the A/C, the only room it affected was the Living Room.  All other rooms were reduced to having fans to cool them down, and they had little to contribute.  However, in this home we are extremely blessed to have Central Heating & Air.

     It's like living in a completely different world.  A world where there is only one unit to control.  I think this feature is mostly appreciated during the Summer when it gets so warm and this provides a nice cool down.  It reaches all the rooms and provides a nice comfort.  It's good that we endured through baseboard heating and an A/C unit because it helped us to appreciate what we have now.  I have to admit that when we were looking at this place, when I saw that it had the Central Heating & Air, I looked at Ty and said, "Oh my gosh hunny.  I'm pretty sure we have to get this place."  :)  There were other factors that motivated us to move here, but this helped quite a bit.  We are forever ruined and will hopefully never have to go back.

I'm thankful for our Central Heating & Air because it's a luxury we've gone without and now can enjoy.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker

     If you know know me well (or really even at all) you know that I love pretty much all forms.  Liquid being one of them.  During the chillier seasons I enjoy a nice mug of Hot Cocoa to warm up me up.  A few years ago my Mommy gifted me my Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker.  I love it.  Not just a little, but mostly a lot.

     Every once in awhile someone tells me they think it's silly to not just mix it in a cup and heat it the microwave. I honestly think it takes longer to mix it that way than it does to actually drink it.  However, that's the beauty of this invention.  It does both.....AT THE SAME TIME.  I was in a situation the other day where I wasn't at home and was making hot chocolate.  I hate those clumps of powder that go untouched no matter how much you mix it and sadly the cup just wasn't the same.  With the Hot Chocolate Maker, it dissolves everything.  You can even try homemade recipes.  I did a White Peppermint Hot Chocolate a few years ago and it was divine.  I tried finding one for my parents last year at Wal-mart to no avail.  However, I did find a little bit fancier one at Bed, Bath, & Beyond.  I would definitely suggest this as a great Christmas gift.  You won't regret it.  If this ever breaks down on me, I WILL get another to replace it.  That's how much I love it.

I'm thankful for my Cocomotion Hot Chocolate Maker because I love that it does all the work for me to get me a nice cup of hot cocoa.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Office Furniture

    A month ago, Ty began working from home when the company he works for decided to not renew the lease of their office space.  Because of that, all of those working there were able to take home any office furniture they wanted so the company didn't have to ship it back.  This has been quite a blessing for us because we now have not only nicer furniture, but bigger as well.

    Ty wanted the extra space so he uses the gray desk with the three monitors.  He was able to get three monitors from work so he now has three and I have an extra secondary monitor with my laptop when hooked up.  My desk is actually the desk he used at the office.  I love it!  More space and I have a nicer chair.  We are really enjoying the bigger space and that we were blessed with nicer makes it even better that it was for FREE.  Yay!  It's so much better when you compare it to what we had before.

     Now, what we had before was good and worked just fine, but we felt cramped and as you can see my desk (the smaller one on the right) would get cluttered very easily.  We've been able to sell both of our old desks on Craigslist and that has been awesome! 

I'm thankful for our New Office Furniture because it's so nice and big and one more reason to show us how blessed we have been.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

"When a wife has a good husband it is easily seen in her face." Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

     I think it's extraordinarily safe to say that I LOVE my husband.  I honestly can't imagine a better fit for me.  Who else in this world can understand my crazies, humor, mood swings, and secondary language? 
My HOTT husband in his HOTT new suit.

     Ty is one of the reasons I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and truly knows me.  My husband is the most kind, patient, understanding, smart, and super cute person I know.  Because of him I've been able to go through rough times and he makes the good times that much more enjoyable.  Since becoming pregnant, I've felt even more appreciation for him and all that he does for me.  There have been MANY nights where I'm exhausted from growing a baby inside my body and dinner has gone unplanned and unmade.  Not once has he made me feel like I'm a horrible wife or that I've done something wrong.  Instead, he offers to help, even if it's PB&J for the third night in a row.  (I've been getting better I swear.  I really try not to let my husband or I starve.)  I'm lucky enough that Ty also understands my insane need to feel loved in multiple ways.  According to the Five Love Languages test, I'm trilingual and require Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, & Quality time in equal parts.  Ty understands my neurosis and loves me despite that and gives me each of these things when I need them.  I feel quite privileged to be his wife and that he loves me as much as he does.  Our relationship never seems to fail us and I think we have the stuff to make people jealous.  :)

I'm thankful for my wonderful husband and that he is so good to me and good for me.  He really does make me better.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Leaves of Autumn

     It's the time of year again for being particularly Thankful.  I almost forgot.  I've had so much to think about lately.  Depending on how overwhelmed I feel with idea next year, this might be the last time for awhile that I do Thankful posts for the whole month.  I hope you enjoy each post.  It's always good for me to be able to remember how I'm so blessed.

     As we have been driving around, and watching the season change from Summer to Autumn, I realized that Autumn is my favorite season for scenery.  The different colors of the leaves and plants are so miraculous!  I really wish that they could stay those colors the rest of the year.  There's something magical about Fall and how the cold weather can do such work to foliage.  There are times when I feel like we didn't get enough of Autumn and it just slipped past us so quickly.  By December 1st we almost demand that we have snow and freezing weather.  (Some of you are experiencing that now already!)  I'm glad that we have this season to get us ready for the cold and sometimes harsh Winter.  I do love the hues that fall to the ground.  However, I could do without the clean up.  ;)

I'm thankful our Heavenly Father gave us the blessing of changing colors in Autumn so that we could enjoy the change in seasons more. 
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