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Monday, November 29, 2010

Diet and Exercise

I'm thankful for Diet and Exercise.

WHAT?!  Did I just say that?

Yes, it's true.  I do tend to put both of them off for as long as I can, but it's inevitable that I come back to it.  After the holidays, I will definitely need to be back on a diet.  TOO MUCH GOOD FOOD!!  Diet starts tomorrow.  I plan on getting back to my food blog and logging everything on Daily Plate.  I'm probably crazy for trying to do this before Christmas, but I feel the need to look better for the camera.

Even though Diet and Exercise aren't as pleasurable as eating junk food and being lazy, it still makes me feel good when I really try to be healthy.  I like feeling like my body is clean and healthy.

Let's all make a commitment to eat better and work out before the New Year.  I bet it would increase our chances of actually achieving the resolution to loose weight.

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