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Monday, November 22, 2010

Cell Phone

I'm thankful for my Cell Phone.

While 13 seems to be the typical age anymore that deems suitable for this rite of passage, I didn't receive my first Cell Phone until I was 20.  Believe me, it took a great amount of teeth pulling to get there too.  Once I finally procured the item, instantly, I became easier to get ahold of and Mom and Dad realized it's true magnificence.  

I've always had a slight fascination with Cell Phones.  Perhaps, it's my need to socialize.  Which is funny, considering my serious lack in text messages and actual phone calls.  Regardless, it's nice to know that if I ever find myself in need of getting in contact with someone, I'm able to do it.  

It's truly amazing that we are able to have this form of portable communication.  Yet another thing that shows how awesome our day and age is.  Any more, Cell Phones are not just for talking or texting.  They are for checking your email, facebook (or myspace, but that's so 5 years ago), blogging, and listening to music.  Mine has a feature where I can listen to the radio or MP3s.  It's really great for working out.

I'm thankful to have a Cell Phone because it provides a way for me to call or text my husband at any time of day.  Even if he's at work.  LOVE IT!

I'm thankful to have a Cell Phone because even if I'm not at home, I can talk to anyone I want.

What's your favorite Cell Phone feature?
P.S.  I so wish I had an iPhone, but my cute husband won't let me be that cool yet.

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