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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Ty Working From Home

     Ty's job has always been flexible enough to let him work from home occasionally.  However, beginning a month and a half ago he's been working from home full time.  I must say, I'm a fan.  I really love being around my husband since he really is my favorite person.  When he is working, and especially in meetings I try not to be in the office or just keep quite so I don't disturb him and take too much advantage of his presence. 

Ty's workspace

     Since he's been home it's proven to be a great situation for both of us.  He can work in his pajamas all day and if I need his help with something quick, he's available.  Laundry for instance yesterday.  Lifting heavy loads isn't exactly on the list of things pregnant ladies should do.  Lucky for me, Ty is always to my rescue.  This arrangement has also saved us on gas.  Not that we lived far from where his office was before, but every little bit helps.  It also allows for me to take the car when needed and not have to worry that he'll need it, or that I'll have to pick him up or drop him off.  (***I should note that I almost never go anywhere with the car on my own, as I hate driving.  Also, the lifting heavy loads at Costco applies here.***)  When the baby comes, I'm looking forward to him being here.  Even if I don't always need him, it's comforting to know that he's not far.  My favorite part of Working From Home is the random kisses I get.  :)  Yup, it's great.

I'm thankful for Ty Working From Home because he's my rock and it's good to have him near me.

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