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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Living Close to Family

     I love our family.  Both his and mine.  When we were first married we lived in Moses Lake, so we were even closer to each family.  However, job opportunities took us to the Tri-cities and we love it here, as previously mentioned in another post. Even still, we are pretty lucky to be close to family. 

Project:  Get updated pictures of both parents.  These are the only ones on my computer of them as couples and they are from at least a year or more ago.

     I love that both of our parents come visit us here when they come to the Tri-cities.  We love to see them and it's nice of them to take time out of their trip to see us.  Whenever we go to a family gathering, I'm always so glad that the longest we have to drive is an hour and a half.  Ty and I both have siblings that live much farther away and I wish that they lived nearer to us (or that we lived nearer to them) so we could see them more often.  One of his brothers, and his family, we see once a year and we all wish it was more.  I'm also glad that we have grandparents so close.  I have to admit that getting married and having two different families to spend time with was really different for me.  Since my maternal grandparents are in Germany, we only see them every so many years.  Oh how I wish that we could see them more than that!  It's hard to not see them as much and I miss them dearly.  However, I think it does make me appreciate them that much more.  (I LOVE YOU OMI AND OPA!)  Oh dear, the pregnancy hormones are kicking in and my eyes are getting teary.  Time to end.  :)

I'm thankful for our Families and that we Live Close to them because I love the bonds we share with them and I treasure the time we have.

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