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Saturday, November 26, 2011

TV Episodes Online

     Have you ever missed your favorite show the night it was on?  We have plenty of times.  In fact, this holiday weekend, we are staying with family that does have cable, and we'll probably be hanging out and chatting most of the time anyway.  That doesn't mean I want to miss what happened this week on The Office though.

     Last night I missed Biggest Loser and we'll be at my parents' house tonight so I'll miss it again tonight.  I'm not worried though, because luckily I can go online and watch it for completely free!  Yay!  There are some shows that the company doesn't post online, like The Mentalist.......However, if you do enough digging you can find them online for free.  We always miss Bones and sometimes Mentalist on Thursdays, but there's a site that provides those episodes so we never have to miss them for long. 

I'm thankful for TV Episodes Online because it allows me to watch the entertainment I might have normally missed.  Technology is awesome.

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