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Thursday, November 24, 2011


     Even through all the changes and updates, I still have to be thankful and glad for Facebook.  Where else can I spy stalk keep up with all of my friends and family?

     I'm a social creature and love to interact with many people.  I love staying updated on everyone and not have to hear about it through the grapevine.  It's funny because my Mom will tell me some news about someone we know and I'll say, "Oh yeah, I already know that."  "How?", she asks.  "Uh, Facebook."  She then tells me how much she hates it and I continue to have my own opinion and use it.  To me, email is great, but if I really want people to know about something, my wedding reception for example, I put it on Facebook.  If I have a question that one or more of my friends might be able to help me out with, it goes on Facebook and more likely than not, I'll get a good response.  I refuse to use Facebook as my diary.  That's what this blog is for.  :)  Well, maybe not a full diary.  There are social limits and boundaries that get crossed on occasion by friends and it drives me mad.  I don't need or care to know what time you went to the store or ate a sandwich.  And I really don't need to know the personal details of your marriage or other relationships.  Tell your therapist, mom, or best friend.  For the most part though, I enjoy reading people's updates and seeing pictures of their families and how cute and adorable everyone's kids have gotten.  Unless you delete them, you don't have to loose track of friends and keep up with family you don't see often.  How wonderful is that? 

I'm thankful for Facebook because of the connection it gives me to my friends and family.

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