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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Late Church

     I LOVE my church.  Right now I'm loving that our ward doesn't start until 1PM.  It certainly makes it easier for us to get to church on time.  (Not that we aren't sometimes late even though we have extra time to get ready.  Whoops!)  Our area, like some others, is different in the way they change meeting times.  We change times when school starts (so basically September).  Since we moved into the ward after the change had already been made last year, we were quite a bit early the first Sunday it changed.  :)  With our little one on the way, I think I'm even more appreciative that church will start later for us when she's born.  Though it's going to make changing to 9AM difficult.

I'm thankful we have Late Church because it allows for a little extra sleep-in time and more time to be on time.

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