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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Midwife Appointment at 25 Weeks

    We started talking about me getting my glucose test done.  She gave me the paperwork,  instructions for how much grape juice to take, instructions for where to go, how much blood they draw.  All that jazz.  Then, we talked really quick about the next appointment which will be at our house.  She will be giving us two birthing classes a week apart in our home.  I'm really excited for that because it will give her a chance to see our home and where we will be having the baby.  Additionally, it will be lovely because we don't have to go anywhere.  :)  Yay for that!

     She asked about how the baby is moving and I was happy to report that she was increasing in movement, though during our few days away from home on vacation she was pretty still.  Since coming home she's gone back to normal.  Ginger said that it was interesting how babies in the womb can tell when they are in different environments.  That's exactly how I felt.  Like our little girl knew we weren't at home and it was throwing her off.  All is normal though.  I discussed how I've been getting pregnancy nasal congestion every morning and how uncomfortable it is.  Back when I first met with her she prescribed me a herbal remedy for that and it has helped quite a bit.  Also, I told her that, though my ankles are doing fine and not bloating up, they do get awfully soar and can't stand for too long of a time.  She suggested that I wear tennis shoes during the day to help with that.

    We then covered my diet and I gave her a general list of what I eat at every meal and for snacks.  I'm struggling with making dinner and I really need to make things in bulk.  Crock pot, crock pot, crock pot.  I think we will be putting it to a lot more use soon.  Then, she asked what I do for physical activity.  Ummmm, so lately not so much of anything.  She reminded me that birth is a physical activity.  It should have been a "Duh" thing, but it was a good reminder for my lazy bum that I need to work on conditioning my muscles for the most physically straining thing I've ever done.  I'm glad that Ginger reiterated it because I definitely needed to hear it. 

      She asked about my headaches, which have gotten better.  I switched to bottled water and I think that helped.  We found that our Brita filter wasn't getting all the chlorine out of the tap.  So to be safe we've been getting bottled for drinking.  Ty researched it a little bit and we are considering getting Culligan delivered.  As far as the headaches that I do get, they seem to be caused from sinus pressure from the congestion that happens in the morning.  However, once that's relieved they are gone.  Ginger also suggested using a salt water solution with a homemade make-shift Nettie Pot. 

     My measurements put me at 27.  I thought I would get away with it, but last minute she asked me what my weight is.  Ashamed I told her, I gained another 10 pounds.  It's all thanks to my new healthy appetite and my lack of physical activity.  She didn't seemed to worried, but said that I need to increase my activity or eat less.  Yeah, I'm definitely not going to be eating less.  We also discussed support for my belly when lying on my side.  Just in case your wondering pregnancy is not always comfortable.  :)

     So goals for this next month are to increase physical activity, start preparing dinners earlier, and get the glucose test done.  I've already started figuring out a schedule and a way to get some good activity in each day so hopefully it will be easy to stick to.  I've come up with some great dinner ideas that are all about the crock pot.  The glucose test will be taken in a couple of weeks and I'm hoping that all goes well.


  1. I am interested to know what she said about supporting your stomach while on your side. I have been using a pillow (or sets of pillows), but they have to be adjusted in a very particular way or else I wake up hurting.

    You are so far along! I'm glad your little girl is moving lots :) Good luck with the crockpot meals. I am making one today. It's so hard to cook while pregnant. You are NOT alone in thinking that!

  2. You can do it! Good luck with the glucose test, too. It's hard to keep up with being active when preg. But if you just walk, it helps burn calories, even if you're just walking around your apt. or something. or walking for just 30 min. I know it's tough if you're tired too. It's almost impossible to stop gaining when you're pregnant if your body wants to.


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