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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

My iPhone

     A year ago, I was pleading with my husband, trying to convince him I really did NEED an iPhone.  Or at least, I tried to get him to understand it's usefulness.  By January, he caved and I purchased my first smartphone on ebay.  (Ironically, about a month later, while updating it broke, but because it was only one day outside of the warranty they sent me a brand spankin' new one for free.) 

     I love my iPhone.  I love having apps that I use on a daily basis.  For instance, the C25K App played a huge roll in my weight loss and I'm so glad that I had it.  When, Ty and I are wanting to eat out either in our area or on vacation, we use Urbanspoon and it's fun, casino-esque, search tool.  Though, I didn't think it would be all that great at first, the new Reminder app that came with the iOS5 update has really helped be more productive.  Especially considering the state of my "pregnancy brain" as of late.  The list could really run on for days as I'm always finding new apps that can be useful.  The point being, I'm so happy with my phone.  In spite of the release of the newest iPhone, I'm content with what I have for now and will look into upgrading next year.  Who knows, maybe there will even be an iPhone 5 and I'll snatch one of those.

I'm grateful for my iPhone because it makes life a little easier and helps me to accomplish things.

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