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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Energy....When I Have It

     If there is anything good about being sick or down for the count, it's that it helps us appreciate when we are healthy and everything is good.  So far, I've been fortunate to have only gotten sick once for a week in the very beginning of pregnancy.  However, who knew growing humans took so much out of you?  Especially, if I'm not careful and getting enough protein and water, I tend to feel quite exhausted.  Though sometimes regardless of that, sleep does elude me and I will still have a tough time not taking a nap during the day. 

     When Energy does come my way, I like to take full advantage of it and get stuff done.  Sometimes it happens so out of the blue that Ty is confused and says, "I could have done that for you."  Probably, but if I can I'm gonna.  Today, I'm hoping that I'll have enough energy since I have some shopping and errands that need to get done.  My feet don't always last so long, but I'm going to do my best to finish everything on my list.  I think even when not pregnant, it's nice to have that boost of Energy to get you through the day.  To get things accomplished and checked off your list is wonderful and if I have the Energy to do it in one day, then we are in serious business.  :)

I'm thankful for When I Have Energy because it allows me to get things done and makes me feel better.

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