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Thursday, November 3, 2011

New Office Furniture

    A month ago, Ty began working from home when the company he works for decided to not renew the lease of their office space.  Because of that, all of those working there were able to take home any office furniture they wanted so the company didn't have to ship it back.  This has been quite a blessing for us because we now have not only nicer furniture, but bigger as well.

    Ty wanted the extra space so he uses the gray desk with the three monitors.  He was able to get three monitors from work so he now has three and I have an extra secondary monitor with my laptop when hooked up.  My desk is actually the desk he used at the office.  I love it!  More space and I have a nicer chair.  We are really enjoying the bigger space and that we were blessed with nicer makes it even better that it was for FREE.  Yay!  It's so much better when you compare it to what we had before.

     Now, what we had before was good and worked just fine, but we felt cramped and as you can see my desk (the smaller one on the right) would get cluttered very easily.  We've been able to sell both of our old desks on Craigslist and that has been awesome! 

I'm thankful for our New Office Furniture because it's so nice and big and one more reason to show us how blessed we have been.

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