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Sunday, November 13, 2011


     I bet you're all thinking I'm going to say I'm thankful I can give massages.  No such luck.  :)  While, I'm glad for my training and education in the field, I'm still happy with my decision to discontinue working in it.  I much rather prefer to be on the receiving end.  There's nothing in the world like resting on a table and having someone work through the knots and tightness in your body. 

     Earlier in pregnancy I was able to get a couple of massages.  I'm dying for another.  It's so wonderful that such a thing exists.  If I had the means I would get one monthly, as it is very good for your overall health.  Oh, how I miss massage school when I would get a massage almost every day.  It was lovely.  Getting a massage puts you out of this world and into your happy place.  My favorite (other than the necessary neck, shoulders, and upper back for me) is to have my legs and feet worked on.  Everybody always forgets about the legs!  When they are being "molded" and relaxed, you remember just how much you use your legs and how all of the unknown stress inside those muscles is being drained away.  Magical.  Can you tell I've thought about this a lot?  :)

I'm thankful for Massages and the relief and relaxation they provide.

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