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Thursday, November 12, 2009

"Whatever you feel, just dance it" Center Stage – Charlie

Dancing! Oh how I'm thankful for DANCING!!!

One day I'll find all of my dance pictures from years and years ago.

Thankfully for my pride, they are all safely packed away with everything else that needs to be kept hidden from embarrassing myself.

At any rate, I do love dancing. It's how I express my SOUL.
I started dance classes back in 1st or 2nd grade.
It was true love at first plié.

Doesn't almost every little girl dream of growing up to be a Prima Ballerina?

I did at one point.

I love MOST forms of dancing.
Strip and pole "dancing" are not dancing.
They are forms of exposing one's self.

Every country has different things to teach us about dancing as well. Of course, I really learned this by watching "So You Think You Can Dance?". Probably the best show to come out of our generation.

It's amazing and fascinating to me how everyone expresses their body movements differently.

Dancing captivates me like nothing else.
Though my body is far from the dancer it used to be, I still enjoy the practice.

It makes me happy.
I feel free.

I'm thankful for dancing because it helped keep me (sorta) in shape growing up.

I'm thankful for dancing because it can connect countries and generations without saying a word.

Dancing is wonderful and even if you don't "know" how to dance, you can still enjoy it. Even if it's in the privacy of your bedroom, in front of the mirror, listening to Lady Gaga's "Just Dance". Or Michael Jackson's....well almost anything. Or anyone.
And don't lie. You know you do it.
(All pictures are from google searching so I have no idea who took them or who the people are that are in them. Have a nice day. : ) )


  1. I love your thankful posts. And, I love, LOVE dancing. I so wish I were still doing it.

  2. I too love dancing. I kept getting writer's block and getting stuck when I was working on my dissertation. I found that for me, what helped the most, was to dance. Lady Gaga, Fergie, Christina, Rihanna, and Britney got me through writing! I'd crank up the music and dance around the living room for 30 minutes and when I was done, the words would just flow out. I too am thankful for dancing!


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