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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Picture is worth a thousand words.

I'm thankful for Pictures.

Pictures can tell a story.
Take you to places you've never been.
Or remind you of places you once were.

For all of these things, I'm thankful for Pictures.

Maybe it's the Photographer blood in me (from my mommy), but I just love 'em.

One day I'll own a super-de-dooper camera and take the most crazy amazing pictures you've ever seen. But for now, these will do.
(Note: The above pictures were all taken by me, except for the first two. They are from my lovely sister-in-law and wedding photographer, Jenny of Bella's Image.)

What are your favorite pictures to look at?

Do lean towards the scenic view?
Or do you prefer the personal touch of people?
Do you like Black & White, Sepia, Saturated color, Unsaturated?

What are your favorite kind of pictures to take?

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