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Monday, November 23, 2009

"Life is like a box 'o Chocolates."

I'm am so very thankful for Chocolate!
Me and Chocolate go waaaaay back.
And have some good memories together as well.

Chocolate has been there for me during some pretty hard times.

I can always count on it to make me temporarily feel better.

My love for Chocolate is simple and uncomplicated.

I understand the negative aspects, but what can you do when a big yummy piece of delicious Chocolate Cake is put in front of you?
You don't say "No".
No, you dig right in and take part of the of bliss that is divinity, that's what you do.

I must admit to you that I prefer European Chocolate much, much, much, much MORE than American.
Somehow, Americans got this crazy idea to put wax in their mix to make it last longer.
Not that it keeps me from turning into a mad woman any time I get close to Peanut or Peanut Butter M&M's.

Just sayin'.

I'm thankful for Chocolate because it makes things taste so much better.

I'm thankful for Chocolate because even though it's temporary, it gives me comfort.

Like I said, simple and uncomplicated.

What's your favorite kind of Chocolate?

Please don't tell me that you don't like Chocolate.
I don't think I can stand the heartache.


  1. We eat PB M&Ms by the bagful. Not the single serve bag, the large bag. They never last more than 24 hours, so I buy 2 at a time. Don't tell anyone!

  2. Oh MY GOODNESS! I'm the same way! I wish they had the PB M&Ms in the really XXL bags like the Peanut ones. Life could really work out for the better if they did.

  3. I also LOVE big purses, the internet and I kind of like chocolate :) I guess I like it, just not too much of it, now carmel on the other hand.... ;)


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