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Sunday, November 22, 2009

" I like Big"......PURSES... "and I cannot lie."

I'm thankful for My Big Purse.
It really makes me happy.

It's so pretty and has lots of room for my entire life to be held within its lovely fabric.

I have such a love for Purses.
And I keep getting bigger and bigger ones.

It started out small.

Before it progressed to this.
(I call this one my "Butt Bag".)
And this.

I went on a Staff Retreat with work to Leavenworth, WA and found this beauty.
I love it!
Best part, my boss gave each of us $100 to spend only on ourselves and no gifts for other people. Hehe. Okay!
It was $76, but none of it was my money.

Just so we're clear, I would never really spend that much money on a purse.
I have my limits.

I didn't think life could possibly get any better than this purse.

Little did I know when I went to Germany there would be a store in Tuttlingen (where my grandparents live) dedicated to the thing which calls to my soul.
I bought this gem and a lovely green scarf for about 40 Euros!

It's the simple things in life you treasure.

I love when people tell me that they have such a Big Purse and they know it's probably not good for their back and so on and so forth.
I whip this baby out and their eyes fall right out of their sockets.
After we get them cleaned up, we come to the conclusion that I win.
I love winning. : )

I'm thankful for My Big Purse because I can fit basically my entire life inside.
I usually have something in there that someone needs randomly.
Though it may take me a few hours to find.

I'm thankful for My Big Purse because I can sneak candies and such into the movie theater with no hassle. : )
Anyone who works at a movie theater didn't read that?
(Penguin-Jedi gesture) You didn't see anything.

I'm thankful for My Big Purse because it just makes me happy to look at it.

Do you have a passion for Big Purses?

What's your favorite brand of purse?
Mine's a NAFNAF. Let's just assume it's really good.
K? Thanks.


  1. I like big purses too but I find it to be more of a necessity than anything else. When you have kids it comes in handy too. I have to say my favorite brand of purse is Nine West and Tignanello. I haven't heard of Nafnaf.

  2. I LOVE BIG PURSES!!!! Seriously... I love them. Hobo purses are my favorite, all kinds. Oh my... I thought I was the only one that snuck the candy and such in the movies, and pop... since they're big enough... hehe. Jon and I call my one purse, the movie purse, because of that trick. I guess we're both caught. Ugh. Lovin' your blog! i had no idea how much we had in common! haha!


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