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Friday, November 13, 2009

“Music is what feelings sound like.”

I'm thankful for music.
Good thing too. Otherwise, I couldn't be thankful for dancing.

What an awkward stage that would be.........................(crickets).

See?...Or hear?...oh whatever.

Even for those who don't "dance", you can still appreciate music. Everyone listens to music.

And like dancing there are so many different genres. Music reaches out to everyone. And it's hard not to latch on.

Music proves that you are not the only one to go through what you are at that moment. It opens the door that says,
"Someone understands".

Music takes what's going on inside of you emotionally, and forms it into lyrics, harmony, melody, and a beat.

I use to create playlists for everything.
I have a playlist for when I'm thinking about Ty and how much I lurves him.
I have a playlist for when I'm sad.
I have a playlist to get ready for Christmas. (Stop denying the inevitable people, it's coming.)
I have playlist for when I want to dance.
I have a playlist for when I'm getting ready for church.
I have a playlist for when Ty's not around and I want to listen to 80's rock. It's true. I confess.
I have playlists full of music that just don't make sense.

Really, I'm thankful for music and the people that have developed their talents so I can listen to them express how I'm feeling.
Thanks guys! You're the best!

1 comment:

  1. I'm here from That Wife. And I have to agree with you. Music is the greatest.


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