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Thursday, November 19, 2009

"I Have Two Little Hands"

I’m thankful for my Hands.

Have you ever thought about just how big of a deal your Hands are?

They’re pretty cool.

When I was in Massage School, our teachers always told us to take care of our Hands because they are our livelihood.

However, upon further research (as in me just thinkin’ about it), I’ve realized just about everyone uses their hands for their work.

Not everyone, but I can’t think of who they are. : )

There’s A LOT of things you can do with your Hands.

Type on the keyboard, which allows for trans-continental communicating.

Cooking yummy foods.

Eating yummy foods.

Take pictures, good or bad.

Drive a car.

Make shadow figures on the wall.

Tickling unsuspecting victims.

Washing dishes.

Building and fixing things.

Playing instruments.

Holding two of them together. I like it. :)

Putting up decorations.

Holding BABIES!!! Get’s me everytime.

Playing games.


Carving pumpkins.

Planting a garden…of any kind.

Cutting someone’s hair….or dyeing for that matter.

Not all of these things necessarily require that we need Hands. Some people go through life just fine without Hands.

However, I’m thankful for my Hands because they make doing all these things and more so much easier to do.

So yeah, I’m thankful for my Hands because they allow me to do things that would otherwise be difficult.

What is your favorite thing(s) to do with your Hands?

I'm a fan of Cooking with them....cuz then I can eat with them. : )

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