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Sunday, February 12, 2012

You Say Goodbye, I Say Hello

      Last week we received the unfortunate news that our Grandpa Evans (Ty's mother's stepfather) passed away.  We knew that it was coming, though I think we all were hoping that he would last a bit longer.  He was such a good man and had a big and loving heart.  He and Grandma Evans had a great example of marriage.  I hope that Ty and I can emulate that example.  If you would like to read his obituary and read more about his amazing life, click on his photo below.

      As much as I'm very anxious to meet our daughter, I'm thankful she hasn't decided to come just yet and allow us to go to Grandpa's funeral. We got to the church with just enough to grab a seat before being totally out of luck. This is a BIG family.  Before making our way into the funeral services in the chapel of the church, the family that was gathered had a family prayer given by my mother-in-law's youngest brother, Jason.  Afterwards, we filed into the chapel where many friends awaited.  A eulogy was given by Darla and then the daughters sang "O My Father", which was really lovely.  Then, Julie and Jason shared memories of Grandpa Evans growing up.  I was doing pretty good, but Jason's talk was really touching as Grandpa was really the only father he knew growing up since Grandpa Amos Dodgen passed away when he was five.  Then, Grandma and Grandpa's former bishop shared his memories of Grandpa.  It was wonderful to hear about their strong friendship.  Finally, their current bishop spoke about Grandpa Evans and what he will miss about him.  

      When the services were concluded we made our way out of the chapel and eventually to the cemetery where Grandpa Evans was given full military honors.  Sadly, I had to miss most of it because I decided I didn't want to walk all the way over to the grave site in the cold with my very large belly.  I was able to see and hear the guns being shot off, which I later found out made all the babies cry.  Then, the bugle played Taps and things continued, but I was too far to see anything.  We then came back to the church to take part in the wonderful feast that was provided to us by two different wards.  It was all sooooo delicious and we are very thankful to all those who helped to provide us with a great meal.  The happy part of this sad time was that we were able to see so much family once again.  I'm always so glad and grateful I married into such a wonderful and LARGE family.

      I'm sad that Grandpa Evans is gone, but I'm so glad that I was able to get know him during his time in this life.  One day we'll be able to see him again and I'm happy for that reunion.  :)

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