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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Midwife Weeklys Part 2

Week 4

     This is technically my 40 week appointment and I'm 2 days overdue.  Not surprising, but I realized that even though it's only and estimation, passing the date is still frustrating.  Mostly because I had been thinking I would have gone into labor the week prior.  Oh well, what's a pregnant girl to do besides wait.  The week prior I felt really calm.  We finished all of the major things that need to be done before our little girl is born and I think that really has helped me feel less anxious.  It's amazing what a burden that lifts.  I did have a few emotional breakdowns that started with the funeral and I think any emotions I was holding onto were being let go.  I had to face and deal with my fear that still lingers that if anything goes wrong, it's my fault.  Why?  Because it's my body and I'm "in control" of my body right?  Yeah, I'm trying really hard to remind myself that's not the case.

      I lost part of my mucus plug the Saturday before.  Not sure what the other stuff was before, but this was definitely what it was.  Contractions.  Oh who knows?!  I've felt pressure and tightness in my belly and light twinges of "menstrual-like" cramps, but nothing that I would have regarded as, "Yup, that's a contraction", or "Labor started."  Everyone keeps saying, "Oh you'll be able to feel a difference."  Yes, thank you.  And the difference being?!  From what I can gather, I'm waiting for what seems more painful menstrual cramps.  When I talked about it with Ginger, she asked if I was interested in a cervical exam and I felt up for it.  I'd rather know how/if far I've progressed than leaving it up to my imagination.  Ginger found that I'm 3cm dilated and 80-90% effaced (she originally said 90, but then said maybe 80).  She asked if I was okay with her doing a cervical massage since she was already there, which I was.  What I love about Ginger is that she takes the time to explain what she's doing so that I can understand what's happening.  Once again all is well in babyland and hopefully we'll see our little girl this week!  But who knows.


  1. Woo!! You are progressing really well Jenny! Keep up the patience- because we all know I didn't... haha! And to tell you the truth I thought I was contraction as well until the real ones started. They are exactly like you explained- really painful menstrual cramps. They take your breath away and make you want to move in weird ways to get comfortable, but nothing really helps. One thing that helped met this time when they were hitting really fast was locking my arms around my husband's neck and sort of swaying. He tried to be cute and say we were dancing, but I wasn't in the mood. haha! :) You will do amazing! Just remember to keep your cool and focus on your breathing! Once I gave up on my breathing everything fell apart- but my hubby brought me back! Yay for birthing partners! :) You're in my thoughts and prayers!

  2. Good Luck. I understand about being done with the whole pregnant thing. I told my Dr yesterday I was done and he would be my fav person if he told me I was having the baby yesterday. He laughed and said no such luck. Our little girl is ready and where she should be its just the rest of me that is in no hurry apparently. Good luck hope she comes soon for you. :)


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