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Monday, February 6, 2012

You know you're nesting when....

You start labeling your cupboards and cabinets so people who come to help out will know where everything is.

      My husband has mandated that I relax and rest a little bit since I've been going at everything on the crazy setting.  It just seems like there is so much to do and I'm running out of time to get it all finished before she gets here.  For the most part, I think, things are pretty much done.  Her closet is sitting outside to help get rid of the awful smell that the metal was expelling.  I'm hoping that it's finally gone and we can put all of her clothes away.  They are such cute clothes and they need a good place to be.  :)  As well as labeling and putting away clothes, I've also written up laundry and cleaning instructions and trying to keep the house clean so that when I do go into labor I don't have a disastrous house stressing me out.  It's silly, but I also really don't want people coming to my house when it's in a disarray.   I don't want to think about what they possibly think of me and my ability to keep a clean house, whether they are or not.  Am I crazy?  Why yes.  Yes I am.  It's nice to meet you.  :)

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  1. You are so funny! But it's actually a good idea, really, to get everything all set up so people don't have to wonder! I nested and got EVERYTHING ready and then I had two weeks to wait... and wait... and wait. So just give yourself little things every day, that way when she comes you're still ready, but not crazy bored out of your mind! I am so excited for you! Hope you're feeling alright!


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