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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Where HAVE you BEEN?!

Imagine the voice of Mrs. Weasley from Harry Potter.  I love her.  : )

I realize I've been somewhat out of sync with the rest of the world and haven't been posting or commenting lately.  My apologies to family who look forward to these posts (I love you!) and friends who thought I might be lost.  For awhile, I've kinda been in a funk of sorts.  Not really wanting to put much effort into anything really.  The diet I was doing, though successful in the beginning, was getting competition from my hormones (at least that's what my doctor and I believe).  In the end I decided to cut it short since I was putting in effort my body wasn't allowing to see results for.  If none of this makes sense, well, it doesn't have to.  : )  Rest assured I'm feeling better, although I'm still just getting out of this funk.  I've missed all of you....and your comments.  ; )

Now on to regular business as usual.  I have three goals to post, which includes this week.

We'll start where we left off, shall we?  Makes sense since that's the name of this blog, "Picking Up Where We Left Off".

Week 10:  Cleanliness

(As written in the book)
GOAL:  Choose one area of your home that is the hardest to keep clean, and try to keep it spotless for the week.

Ty and I have the perfect room to do this with.  It's the one I'm sitting in right now.  The office.
It's true.  I'm ashamed.  : (
Really we're not completely moved in.  This room probably has the most stuff to fit into it.  Those boxes are full of books needing to be put away.  There are sooooooo many.  Ironically they were the first things to be packed.  Now they are the last to be unpacked. That pile of gift bags need to be put away in the nice little wrapping and gift bag holder I have in the closet.  I will definitely enjoy showing the cleaned up pictures when this is all said and done.  I swear I keep the rest of my home very nice and organized and well kept.

Week 11:  Scriptures
 (As written in the book)
 GOAL:  This week focus on the scriptures.  Set aside a specific time each day-morning, evening, or anytime-and spend a meaningful amount of time in true scripture study.

Thanks to my brother-in-law initiating a Scripture Challenge in our family, I've already been doing this and can say that I have fully accomplished this goal.  In fact, I'm totally beating his socks off.  : )  Every day, I read for 15 minutes in the Book of Mormon.  When I'm finished I'll move on to the Old Testament.  To be honest, there have been times where I've procrastinated up to the last minute and read as I'm almost falling asleep, but I know that it is truly important to read so I still make sure to get it in.  I'm loving the insight that I get from reading.  This has made me feel more uplifted and I love the knowledge that I'm receiving.

Week 12:  Optimism
 (As written in the book)
 GOAL:  Maintain a positive outlook on life - see the glass as half-full.  Be upbeat at all times, and try not to say anything negative.

I like this one.  It's a lot like the first goal I did where I need to smile all the time.  I'm looking forward to having a good week.

Well, there you have it.  All of my goals up to date.
As a side note, I went with the crowd and decided to get a Formspring account.  You'll notice the box in the top right corner.  Leave me a question and I would love to answer it.  I'm all about letting people get to know me better.


  1. It's amazing ow much your office looks like my own (especially now with the baby and working in the living room). Since I'm new here - coming from SITS - what's this book you're working from?

  2. Those are awesome goals!! I really liked this post, it was inspirational to me. It makes me want to accomplish your goals! Haha :)


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