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Monday, March 1, 2010

Belated Birthday Post

I'm sorry I'm such a huge slacker lately.  Life has been crazy and the motivation to post hasn't been there, but I'll try and make it up to ya.

 As I posted before, I started out my day with eating a Peanut Butter/Chocolate Cupcake.  Yes, it was divine!  I miss it.  When I'm done with my diet, I'm going to get another one.....and a mint chocolate one.  : )  I have no shame.

 Later that morning, my mom came to town to hang out with me.  She dyed my hair, while we chatted.  I hurried to get ready and when I came out I found this.
 My mom had truly outdone herself.  By the way, that cute little thing is me.
I was definitely surprised.
Like my dark hair.  I do.  ; )

I was still hungry.  The cupcake was yummy, but just not enough.  (Don't worry.  I waited.)

My mommy and me.

We left the house and headed out for some lunch at Panda Express.

After some scrumptious food, we did a little shoe shopping.  After all, I had a coupon.  (Note:  E-mail subscriptions get you some great deals people.)

 What girl doesn't need to have chocolates on her birthday?  I know I do!  So mom and I head to West Richland for some indulgence at Boehms Candies.

 We headed to the Mall where we found a cute little candy store tucked in the side (you know those side areas no one ever really goes down because they think nothing is there), called "Caramelcorn".  A darling older man assisted us in getting some caramelcorn and fruit candies.  Then, I bought some cute little hair accessories from Claire's.  On our way out mom and I indulged in a luxurious 3 minutes of chair massage, while taking part in our treats.  Bliss.  Anyone ever try those things?  I want one.  Maybe for my next birthday.  ; )

Mom had to get on home (she lives 1.5 hours away) before it got dark, so she dropped me and my loot off at my apartment before heading out.

When my pretty dang cute hubby got home, I was still undecided about where to spend my birthday dinner.  Finally, I decided to go for it and go to Outback.  We don't go to steak restaurants very often and I thought if we're going to splurge, then might as well.

Waiting for our table.  Took literally, 30 seconds.

I hate making decisions.

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, bread.

They have a great selection of non-alcoholic drinks.  Very yummy.
I got the Sparkling Citrus Cooler.  The description says it's very refreshing and they did not lie!
Ty got the Cherry Limeade.  Classic!
Mmmm, Steak.
Ty's Aussie Chicken with Garlic Mashed Potatoes.
Being full of good food makes us happy.
When we were walking in, an employee was handing these coupons out to those leaving.  One of the people who received one gave us theirs.  Yay!

When we got home is when the real fun began.  Haha.  I had bought a couple of bottles of bubbles and wanted to get in touch with my inner toddler.

The really cool thing about these bubbles......
The really stick around.  I bought them at Safeway.  They were one of those random things they have hanging in the isles.  I love random things.  : )

After we let our tummies do a little digesting, it was time for cake!
Look how bright it is!  It was also extremely warm.
Time to blow 'em out!
It took me a few breathes to get them all.
This was serious.  Haha.
In case you are wondering, there were 25 candles.  I'm too young to deny my age, thank you!  Though, I think denying one's age is denying who you are.  But I know I'll hear it, I'm too young to know.  Haha.
Black Forest cake (Without alcohol.  Believe me, I learned my lesson in Germany).  It's my favorite cake on the face of the planet.

Thanks Mom for hanging out with me that day and dying my hair for me!

Thanks Ty for being goofy with me.  I like it.  : )

And thanks to everyone who offered up great birthday wishes.  You're the bestest.


  1. It looks like you had a BLAST! My hubby works part time at Outback. I'm there all the time! LOL! Love all your pictures! (I think that's the best way to blog!!)

    Welcome to SITS! So glad you're here!!

    Sarah Ruth

  2. I am glad you had such a great day! Missed you at church yesterday... maybe it was just because i was in primary... well have a good day and talk to you later!

  3. You look so BEAUTIFUL!! I am so happy your day was lovely. You deserve it.

  4. Happy Birthday! You and your mom look so much alike! It looks like you had a great birthday too!

    Stopping by from SITS! Welcome!

    Cheers :-)
    - CoconutPalmDesigns

  5. What a great birthday! You would be hard-pressed to find a better day if you tried! Happy belated birthday and welcome to SITS!

  6. Sounds like an excellent BD celebration! Your hair looks great you young thing! LOL (I can say that after me turning a year older this week)!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday!
    & Welcome to SITS!

    You looked beautiful and it seems like you had such a great time.Your moms surprise was real sweet :)

    Much Luv,

  8. welcome to the sitsahood!! just dropping by and it looks like you had an awesome birthday!!

    good for you :)

  9. You and your Mom are SO beautiful! I adore the dark hair on you!

    I'm so glad you had a great birthday!

    Stopping by from SITS, welcome to the fun!!!

    xoxo, Kisha

  10. What a BEE-u-ti-ful pic of you and your mom!
    Happy Birthday and welcome to SITS!

  11. Happy belated birthday Jenny! What a great birthday you definitely had. That picture of you and your mom is terrific. :o)

    p.s. Welcome to the SITS community - we're glad you joined us!

  12. Hey you...I am a welcomista from SITS and I get to come and welcome you. How exciting when I saw your blog name up. Just stopping by to say hi. Hope all is well with you. Take care!

  13. It sound like an amazing birthday!

    WELCOME to SITS! It's great to have a new SITSer. Bonus, I'm hosting a giveaway for NEW sunglasses. Like most, yours are lost or bent...come on over.

  14. Looks like a fantastic birthday!! That is awesome:-)

    I am stopping by from SITs to say welcome to the party:-)

  15. It looks like you had great fun.

    Stopping by from SITS to say welcome


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