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Monday, March 29, 2010

Two Years This Day

Two years.

Two years this day, I got up (after four hours of sleep) to get ready at 5:00AM so I could make it to the temple by 7:30AM and then be married by 9:00AM.

Two years this day, I walked into the temple and slipped into my wedding dress that I had found only weeks before and stood while my mother tried to remember how to do up the train.

Two years this day, my love and I were surrounded by dearest family and friends in the temple while we promised ourselves to each other for time and all eternity.

Two years this day, we stood outside that temple and attempted to take pictures while facing the freezing winds.

Two years this day, when I didn't know where he was, I would say, "Where's my Husband?", with a glowing smile on my face?

Two years this day, we walked into a beautifully decorated reception area to greet more family and friends as a newly wedded couple.

Two years this day, my husband and I sat down on the floor after it was all over and finally got something to eat.  Rolls, deli meat, and cookies.

Two years this day, we walked out to our car to find it completely decorated by my brothers, sadly to only have it washed away by the snow the next day.

Two years this day, our life began.

In the last year, our life hit a few bumps and we've been a bit bruised.  In spite of it all, we stayed strong together, growing only closer to one another. We truly have been blessed.  Things are never the way we plan or the way we think they are going to be and yet somehow they always work out perfectly.
"The minute I heard my first love story I started looking for you, not knowing how blind that was.  Lovers don't finally meet somewhere.  They're in each other all along."
Jalal ad-Din Rumi


  1. That was such a sweet post. I remember when I went through the temple with my husband. That day is always so loving and deep. Thanks for sharing about your day.

    Visiting from SITS

  2. I loved how you put this post together. So cute!! What fun pictures from Seattle. It makes me really want to go there.

  3. I Love this post! Life seems to always be full of bumps, but the eternal perspective we cling to really helps us stay strong. Good luck with everything and hopefully this next year will hit you with soft fluffy pillows with no bruises! :)

  4. We share the anniversary, only this year was my 1st. I can relate to the bumps along the way too, but I truly believe that those bumps just bring you closer. Happy Anniversary!

    Stopped in from SITS.

  5. Happy Anniversary! You were a beautiful bride...I love your flowers in the pic.

    Congrats! :)

  6. Isn't it awesome how fast time flies! Brandon and I are right behind you guys. Its amazing to look back and think of all the things that have happened in the last two years! Congrats you guys!


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