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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Weekend in Seattle

My parents had planned on going to Seattle for a weekend trip, but ended up that they couldn't go.  So they offered it up to us.  It was great to get away for a weekend, just the two of us.

Though, I've been to Seattle and Pike's Place, I don't think I've ever stayed within the actual vicinity. 
I was excited for a different experience.  I think the hotel was one of the most fancy I've ever stayed in.  The bellman everywhere, anxiously awaiting to help you.  Once checked in, the bellman "assigned" to us helped us take our luggage up to our room.  Good thing too, because the room keys they gave us didn't work and we needed his "One-Size-Fits-All" key.

Our room was small, but still elegant.

The Murphy Bed.  I didn't get a picture of it down, but when it was, it took up almost all the rest of the space.

The Kitchenette.  I was really concerned that there wasn't a stove or oven for me to make my meals since I was on the diet.  Thank goodness for my little George Foreman grill!

The TV.  Very important part of any vacation.

Yes, I'm one of the strange and weird, crazy people who takes pictures of bathrooms.  How could I not?!  It was so pretty.

The shower was actually a good size.  I loved the tile and color.

After we checked in, since we were staying at a WorldMark hotel, they had information for us and a little brown bag.  I was anxious to see what kind of goodies they would give us.  That is until I saw this......
Ty reminded me that those would be things that the airports would take if it was in your carry-on.  Good thinking WorldMark!

The view from our window.
We were right across the street from the Paramount Theater, where Martin Lawrence was doing a show.

The next day we decided to venture out and have a look at what the area had to offer.
Lucky us!  We stumbled into the St. Patty's Day Parade.
I want to know how to become a member of the Celtic Thunder Fan Club. 
; )
That little Leprechaun sure was elusive.

Then we made our way to Pike's Market.

Across the street, we saw this happening.  Any guesses what it is?

Anyone?  Well, if you guessed pudding then you'd be wrong.
It's yummy cheese.

We made our way through the market, and we came to the park.
Don't look down!
The ferries got me excited since we'll be taking one when we go to Victoria the week of Memorial Day.

Walking along the pier was beautiful.
Here I busted out my artistic capabilities (or lack thereof, either way, I like this picture : ) ).

You can tell by looking at the water just how windy it was down there by the water so we were ready to move on.  Since we had a coupon from a book the hotel gave us, we decided to make our way to the Seattle Aquarium.  I hadn't been there since my 6th grade field trip and Ty hadn't ever been.
The biggest fish bowl ever!
These guys were comfortable just swimmin' in a circle.

Time to sit down, since we'd been walking or standing this whole time.

That's enough sitting.  Things to see!
Imitation wave.

Something I learned about starfish:  they LOVE to cuddle.

Anyone remember the movie "Explorers" with Ethan Hawke, River Phoenix, and Jason Presson?
These little guys remind me of the aliens from the movie.
Resemblance?  I think so!

I found Dory's family!
And look!  It's NEMO at his house!

Onto aquatic birds?  Is that what they are called?  I don't know.
This guy only likes to stand on one leg.  That's dedication.

Artificial current.  I wonder when they start to figure out they really aren't going anywhere.
This reminds me of the movie Sword and the Stone when Merlin turns Arthur and himself into fish.  Do I watch too much TV?  The answer my friends is no.  I just remember a lot of it.  : )

These guys are actually above us.  I have a similar picture from when I came the first time.

Now, WE are in the bowl.
This guy was very curious about us.

The seals were so playful and energetic.
How cute is this face?!  It's like he's saying, "Hey guys!  Come on in.  The water's great!"

The Sea Otters were pretty busy chowing down on their grub.

Don't trust that Seagull, Mr. Seal.  He will betray you!
Don't let your guard down!  Look at him!  Acting like he's minding his own business, when really he's planning an awful scheme.
Told you!  Now he has your lunch.

After all the walking around, we were tired and hungry so decided to make our way back to the hotel.
We had to go through the market again and saw this monster!  Check out the chompers on this guy!
The thing on top is squid.   *Shiver*  Eww.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.  Fresh fruit.

Oh look.  More fish.

Religious advocates everywhere proclaiming repentance and righteousness, while overusing highlighter and PVC pipe.

More than those guys we saw a slew of folks trying to make a dime with music.
This guy probably had the most elaborate set up.

Most unique goes to the Erhu Man.
The Chinese type violin has a really captivating sound and I was really excited to see someone actually putting it out there.

The next day being Sunday, we checked out and headed to church before getting on the road home. Fun though it was, I will not miss sleeping on a Murphy Bed.  Not very comfy.

Note to self:
When going on vacation DO NOT be on a diet.  If you are in the middle of one, stop and return after.  Otherwise you will not be able to take part in the wonderful thing that is bakeries.  We passed by sooooooooooo many and I had to fight the urge to indulge.  We past a Hot Chocolate Bakery for crying out loud!  No woman should ever have to make that  kind of sacrifice.  Just sayin'.

For those thinking it's nigh-near impossible to go vacationing while on a diet, I say to you that it is not.
I prepped all my meals before we left and took my little George Foreman grill.  Ty was set with cereal and sandwiches when he needed something other than what I had to offer.  So it all worked out.

I think overall this trip made me more excited to go to Victoria, B.C. for a week.  Especially since I don't plan on being on a diet.  Though I may need to be when I come home.  ; )


  1. I LOVE WorldMark! Such an awesome investment!! Glad you had fun!!

  2. You took some beautiful pictures! It looks like you had a blast!


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