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Friday, December 16, 2011

Midwife Appointment at 31 Weeks

 For the record, these little stockings are empty not because I already ate all the chocolates, but because I never got around to buying them. 

      The week before this appointment, Ginger came to our house and we began our first of two birth classes with her at our home.  I loved this.  The general idea was for her to give us an idea of a range of normal during labor and birth.  This will help us to know when things are going as they should and if we experience something outside of this, then we know to talk to her and take the appropriate actions.  Leading up to these appointments, I wondered how it would feel to have our caregiver in our home.  The idea of it seems strange and awkward.  However, when Ginger showed up and we got started, I was happy that I was really comfortable with her there.  This is definitely a good thing to know in advance of me going into labor.  :)

     In the first birth class we talked and learned about what takes place during the first three stages of labor.  I won't go into all the details of everything as only having taken the classes once does not qualify me to teach them.  Basically, I'm so glad that we were able to have her come to our home and get a feel for our environment.  It was also great and interesting to learn more about birth and labor.  I've tried to learn as much as I can, but you can never have too much information in this area.  It makes me really glad that I record our appointments so that I can go back and remember what we learned.  During this appointment she also went over my glucose test results.  I already knew the results were good, but it was good to go into more detail.

     One thing I have to mention about Ginger is that she has worked with other LDS patients before and even suggested that we may at some point want me to have a priesthood blessing.  I really appreciate that consideration.  Our second appointment was the next week and we talked about what happens after birth, such as the APGAR, birthing the placenta, and breastfeeding.  Again, this was at home and I'm so glad because this was at the beginning of the cold that I'm currently experiencing and so I stayed in my PJs.  No guilty feelings for me.  :)  After we finished with the class we started my prenatal appointment.  We talked about my weight gain, which is on track to gaining more than 30.  The holidays have not been good for super healthy eating.  Not awesome, but since I don't have Gestational Diabetes it's fine, just means I'll have more to lose after our little girl is born.  And honestly, while I need to work out much more, I DON'T FEEL FAT.  I feel pregnant, but not fat.  Oh and by the way, I've totally done it before so I KNOW that I can do it again.  Though it will be interesting how things will work when I have a little one to take care.

     She went over what happens during the Group B Strep test so we know what happens when we do that.  Then, she did the exam with me on the couch leaning back onto Ty's lap.   Baby was measuring at 30 weeks and heartbeat was lovely.  All in all, everything's good.  Hooray!  Next thing on my list to do is to call her office and make ALL the rest of my appointments.  Gah!  Am I really that far along already?  This is crazy, but amazing.

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