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Monday, December 19, 2011

Belly Pics 3

     We've reached the third trimester ya'll!!  I have about 2 months left!  (Depending on when she decides she really is ready.)  Every day it seems like my belly is expanding further and further outward.  It's all so incredible.  Though, lately, I've been kind of missing my flat tummy.  There really wasn't a whole lot of time to enjoy or appreciate it before little miss grew big enough to take over my belly.  While I know that it's all for a miraculous cause and I am so happy for why my belly is growing, I also know that my belly will never been the same.  That thought makes me a little sad for myself.  But this post is NOT about feeling sad or having a pity party.  This is all about a growing baby belly.

(Here are the first and second posts to see the overall progression.)

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     When I was 30 weeks, my Relief Society (an organization for the woman 18 and older in the church) President said that I was finally starting to look pregnant.  Insert eye roll here.  I'm sure she was just trying to be nice, because seriously honey.  How big does a girl's belly have to be around here to be acknowledged as pregnant?  Sheesh.  ;)  I'm really not one of those ladies who gets offended when you say my belly looks big.  It IS for goodness sakes.  It is large and in charge.  Doesn't mean I look fat.  My extremities could use some toning, but I don't think I look fat.  Oh well, I just smile and say, "That's nice of you, but really my belly is HUGE!"  Haha.


  1. That's one hot, mama!


    Seriously though, you are adorable.

  2. You look adorable! I love that you're taking so many prego pictures, it's fun to see the progress! One time a lady told me I looked like I was having twins :) I said... "there better not be! I don't have two names! And that's the hardest part!!" :) Congrats!

  3. Yay! The 32 week picture is the cutest one yet!! You look really adorable in a pontytail. I love your baby belly! You look fantastic. You definitely look pregnant, all the way back way before 30 weeks, that's so funny. People are silly. :)

  4. As someone who did NOT do this, I have to say I'm so impressed with how you've kept your pregnancy weight to your belly. I know you worked so hard to lose weight before conceiving, and you should feel so proud of yourself that you won't have to start back at square one when you have a baby (you'll still have work to do, everyone does, but it won't be as bad!)


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