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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mission Get Skinnier

    Now that the holiday madness is over is time to start dieting and working off those pounds that I inevitably gained.  I've decided to go back to food blogging and getting back on track with counting calories.  I wrote all about my plan on my food blog, but I'll post here for you.

"    Holy Shenanigans!  Can you spell S-L-A-C-K-E-R!?  Cuz that's exactly what I am right now.  Honestly, I can't remember what caused the lack of motivation, but it was definitely gone.  Then, the holiday hit.  UGH!  My weaknesses and lovely vices came into play.  My thought was that I would get back to it right after New Year's.  That, I decided, was setting myself up for failure, because I didn't have a plan or any focus.  I, also, hadn't gone shopping yet and was in serious need of some food after being gone for about a week.  So, I came to the conclusion that I would give myself a week to get into gear and get a plan put together and prepare for it by buying groceries and whatever other materials I would need to be fully dedicated to it. 

    You may ask, "What's the plan, Stan?"  Well, it's pretty simple. 

-Counting calories again using every day. 
Recently, I purchased an iPhone and added their app, which will help when I can't get to a computer. 

-Post everything I eat on my food blog with the calories.
This is pretty self explanatory.  Though, I will also try and post workouts, weekly weigh-ins, and maybe even measurements.

-Begin w/ doing the 30-day diet again and then continue with a scheduled meal plan.
This 30-day diet may haunt my life forever, but you can't fight with success.  The scheduled meal plan is basically the 30-day diet, but I'm leaving the weekends for meals that deviate from it so I have a little more wiggle room.  Exceptions will also be made for when we are out of town or having dinner at someone else's home and can't control what's placed in front of me.

-Visual of progress close to bed with encouraging statements. surrounding it.
Here's what it looks like now:
I wanted this to be close to my bed so I would be able to see it every day.  This will help to let me see how well I'm doing and to appreciate the work I've done.  As I continue along, I'd like to add more encouraging statements.  It's important that the statements have zero negative words such as no, can't, don't, never.  This way I'm not eliminating possibilities, I'm adding to them.  I'll also have positive association with dieting, working out, and overall weight loss.

-Have a reward system.
This will not only give me fun prizes with each goal I meet, but it will give me something to work towards.  You may have noticed that I also put that on my chart, under each 5lbs. increment. 

5 lbs. - Red Lipstick
Always wanted it, but haven't been brave enough.

10lbs. - Inexpensive Jewelry (probably from Burlington Coat Factory)
I've bought several pieces there and love them.  I'd love to get more and this will give me a good opportunity to earn it.

15lbs. - Pair of Shoes
Been craving to get more flats.

20lbs. - Pouch for iPhone from Etsy
Haven't decided on one yet, but I'm loving this store, but this Golden Ticket one is tempting too!

25lbs. - Music on iTunes
I'm extremely behind on the times and still don't have ANY music on my iTunes yet.  I may have to cheat a little bit on this and buy this Running Trax album and use this reward for fun music.  What do you think?

30lbs. - Mani/Pedi
Did this for my birthday last year and I'm dying for another!

35lbs. - DDR for the Wii
I might have to do a little more research for this and compare the different dance games that are available, but this one has been around for awhile and seems like a lot of fun.

By this time, I'm betting that quite a few of my clothes won't be fitting and I'll be needing some new ones.  Well, okay, if I have to.  :)

-Follow the C25K program.
I stumbled upon this program online a few weeks ago and was going to try it, but it was the holidays.  Lately, its seems, a lot of people have been talking and raving about it and the iPhone app.  Now would be the time to give it a try.

- Calisthenics and weight lifting with Ty.
Back in the day, I was using and they had a great list of work outs so I compiled the ones I liked best and that worked for me, then made a little routine. Ty and I have done this together a couple of times and I want to continue doing this three times a week or more.

   Eventually, I'd like to start taking dance classes again.  There is a studio across the street and they offer Adult Jazz, Hip-Hip and Zumba.  It would be great to finally get back to doing something I love.  I really miss dance so much my heart aches for it.  I may have to add 30 minutes a week of silly dancing just for good measure.  The basic idea is that only set small goals so that I don't loose hope if I haven't gone down to my ideal weight by a certain time.  That's also a big part of this.  Zero time goals.  I can loose weight, when and how my body is able.  I want to be happy with what I have and not have those disappointing Biggest Loser scale moments.

   All positive encouragement is welcomed.  If you have a great positive statement or quote you'd like to share with me, post it and maybe I'll put on my wall.

   Okay people, Mission Get Skinnier initiates today."
    What do you think of my plan?  What weight loss plans have you made?


  1. Hey! I kind of gave up on my food blog (I'm not on the internet enough for it to be practicle. lol.) but I found a website that is good for tracking calories and trends. (I promise, this isn't spam! I just wanted to share it!). It's called loseit dot com.

    Good luck with your journey! I am pregnant right now, so losing weight really isn't my goal right now... if ya know what I mean. :)

  2. I am anxious to follow your progress. I have been so overwhelmed with life as of late that I get so depressed over how unhealthy I am eating. My poor body... I AM CHEERING YOU ON... and hoping to be inspired and educate along the way!!!

  3. I love that reward system! I was thinking of doing the same thing, i.e. if I work out 6 times in one month (that would be huge for me) then I can get a mani pedi.


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