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Monday, January 25, 2010

Week 4 Goal: Moderation

Goal for Week 4 of 2010: Moderation

(As written in the book)
"Goal: Choose one item of food or drink that you feel like you are a slave to and give it up for the week. This will be harder for some and easier for others. But just remember that it is only for a week."

Needless to say, I knew this day was coming. I won' t lie to you....I'm not too excited.
However, I know it's a need-to-do in my life. I knew what I wanted to do, but wasn't really sure what Ty would choose. He doesn't find the same satisfaction in yummy delectables as I do. Despite that, we came up with Potato Chips for him. It was quite funny because I came up with this one on the way home from church and he said, "Oh man. That's what I was going to have when we got home." Perfect no?
Like the goal says, "easier for others".

Me. Well, I'm going a slightly more drastic route. I was instructed by my Chiropractor (Who is Uh-MAZ-Ziiing!)when I saw him last to go back on the 30 day diet again. However, when he wanted me to do this was during the holiday season.....yeah, I don't think so.
I told him, innocently, that I knew that I just wouldn't keep up with it and would start at the beginning of the year, after the temptation dissolved in my tummy. The month is almost over and I still hadn't even really tried. I was on it a few months before and lost 10 pounds without doing any exercise. Then life happened and I ate up all my feelings, consequently gaining me back those unmissed 10 pounds.
This will be hard. This will be tough. But is must be done.
I made up this little calendar to show what meals I know I can make with the restrictions guidelines of the diet.
As you can tell, I don't have many options. The lasagna and Chicken Quesedillas are there because I'm looking forward to having those when I'm done with the diet.
Here is the outline of the diet. You should be able to click on it to make it bigger.

If you didn't want to go through all the small-written jibber-jabber, let me explain. "No, there is too much. Let me sum up." (Name that movie.)
I can't have pork, which is fine because I'm not really much of a fan.
I need to be snacking throughout the day, basically like a cow. Graze. Mooooo! Almonds (or any harder nuts), string cheese and fruits are awesome for this.
I can have natural sugars through fruit, but nothing artifical. Other sweet substances I can have are Tupelo, honey, stevia, and Grade B or C organic maple syrup, but can't go crazy.
Heavy it up on the veggies.
No bread except either Sprouted Grain bread or Ezekiel bread. No white flour or rice.
Cooking with Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Butter (not margarine). It's actually pretty easy to replace any canola or vegetable oil in a recipe with olive.

I'll mostly be cooking with chicken, as it is cheaper and healthier. When I do the roast I will have to omit any use of flour. Also, no potatoes or corn since they are high in starch.

So really people, any recipes you can share that follow the rules would be super helpful. Ty and I are both picky, however, I'm willing to overlook it since I don't want to starve. : )

In clarification, Ty will be exempt from eating Potato Chips for 7 days. While I will be exempt from eating anything yummy for 30. Just so we're clear on that.
Help! What have I gotten myself into?


  1. Does the Taco Soup fall into your diet? High fiber, lots of veggies and beans? Ground turkey? You should try it. I will look and see what else I can come up for you...:)

  2. Thanks for stopping by my blog today SITSta.
    Glad you liked the snowman LOL.
    You have a cute blog. I am on a diet too. I think I like yours better LOL!

  3. THat's cool you are recording your goals and the progress of them, you are totally going to succeed-this one sounds hard-WAY TO GOOOOO!

  4. "Stopping by from SITS! Happy Birthday! Olive Garden is sooooo yummy. I could live off of their salad and breadsticks."

    Thanks so much!! I think I could live off their salad and breadsticks too! So AH-MAZING!!

  5. So, is a whole box of Goobers moderation? Ah ha ha. Self control is not my strong suit. Gotta work on that. : )

  6. ouch! Doesn't seem fair at all!GOOD LUCK!!! I will tune back in to hear how it's going...

  7. I am loving reading about your goals, love he way you are chronicling them! Thank you for coming by from SITS, I love that site!


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