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Monday, January 4, 2010

Are You Smiling?

My ever present neurosis of not being able to post without pictures is getting the better of me. I cannot (and don't think I ever shall) post without pictures. So, it's happened once or twice, but overall not so much. I'm a visual gal and I need something to captivate my eyes other than teeny-tiny little symbols. Naturally, I've decided everyone else in the world is that way too.

Before I delve right in on my recap of our Christmas, I wanted to post about our New Year's-ish goals before it's too late. Why is it "ish" you ask? Well, it's really more of a week-to-week thing.
A few years ago, my mom (who called me the other day to find out if I was sick because I hadn't written a blog post) gave me this book called "My Self-Improvement Journal" by Janene E. Ustach. It's a LDS motivated 52-week goal setting journal. Each week, she provides a goal for you to work on.

So here's the plan kids:
At the beginning of the week I'll let you in on the latest goal.
At the end of the week I'll reveal my progress and all the hardships that went along with it.

Ty and I will actually be doing this together. I'm really looking forward to have a constant and present partner in this.

If you'd like to join me in this crazy plan leave a comment letting me know and leave your email address so I can send you reminders.
Or send me an email at
jenny21785 {at} yahoo {dot} com
This will be a week by week project so let me know the goals you would like to participate in and the ones you don't.

Alright, enough business talk. Now to the good stuff.

This week's goal is:

Goal (as written in the book): A smile can turn the world around. Make a conscious effort to smile all the time - force it if you have too.

She suggests smiling pretty much all the time.
Alone, not alone.

Try it as an experiment to see if others catch on. I'll admit this could be tricky.
Who just smiles constantly without thinki
ng about it?
Or even by yourself?
Has she gone crazy?
Well, maybe, but I like that in a person.

Remembering to smile is the hardest part of it. So, I've devised these helpful, and cute, little reminders.

Above our computer. We spend A LOT of time here in this home.
On the door on your way out.
As you walk in.

Ty and I started this yesterday and we're already joking with each other saying, "ARE YOU SMILING?". It's hard not to smile when you get that question. : )

I'm really going to enjoy this goal since my one and only resolution for the New Year was to be happy with LIFE.
I can't think of a better way to do it.


  1. This post made me smile :)

    So thanks! I needed that.

  2. I'm smiling now! :) Can't wait to read more of your blogs!

  3. I wanna participate! And this one sounds faaaabulous....I LOVE to smile. :) Count me in, woman!

  4. What a great goal. I am interested in reading how this journey of yours pans out.

    And I am SMILING.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  5. My husband is always telling me to smile. I am a smiler normally but I had a rough year last year and I tend to always have a ton on my mind...your post made me smile.

  6. New here! I'm smiling now! I think the senior citizen in the book store today must have reqd your post today too, he told me it was nice to see a young lady smiling. LOL Guess a smile does make a difference.

  7. Good for you Jenny! Just reading the post is making me think about smiling more ..

  8. Sounds like a beautiful idea for you and your husband (and all your blog readers) to take on for the New Year! I wish you all the success in the world, and I'm stopping in from SITS! Best of luck!


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